This device consists of a programmable oxygen regulator with a feedback system tied to a blood saturation monitor. The system allows medical personnel to easily input the desired minimum blood saturation level that is best for the patient.

The presented construction of box-type extractor is a new word in extraction process.

This unit is dedicated to extract soluble components from oil-bearing vegetative raw materials.

Multi-step counter-flow process without longitudinal mixing is realized. This ensures high process efficiency.

How would the world react if a news report was released involving 20 crashed jumbo jets filled with children? This hideous thought happens every day. However instead of crashed planes, this number is generated from the 6,000 children that die every day from a lack of safe drinking water.

Intro Background

Highly coupled rigidly fixed wind turbines in the wind energy market have and continue to exhibit field reliability concerns, short of their 20 year typical life expectancy.

Introduces a new era of designer fixtures, where designer has a more productive meaning, where value is measured in performance of task and that translates to social and economic benefits not always exhibited by design for artistic reason.

To design and build an alternative non-petroleum transit system to shuttle both personal and private automobiles on existing interstate highways. The goal is to build a test site for both simulated static test and real time testing of a frictionless guide-way track.

More and more remote controls clutter our living space these days. None of them is the same and look aesthetically appealing to me. Ever wondered how many buttons a remote control needs ? Some designers think a product is finished if they can't add more features.

Overall the C-Sight visual prosthesis is based on optic nerve stimulation with a penetrating electrode array. The goal of the project is to produce a feasible and realiable, low-cost solution to those with visual impairment.

Today there are a lot of gardening tools but many of them don't have good asthetics or have many parts that you need to replace constantly.

Cacto is a water spinning sprinkler for any garden that integrates in only two parts,

The mixer is one of the basic building blocks of any communication receiver and transmitters. Mixers translate signals from one frequency band to another.

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