This invention teaches that utilizing a rotating spherical or a rotating wheel permanent magnet means disposed in the centre of a coil-wire form disposed with focus magnets generates electrical power;

The concept of this system is an overhead lightweight magnetic levitated train capable of high speed in any type of weather, including icy conditions. It would be constructed with airframe technology to keep it strong but lightweight.

Its design is for intercity service,

I have developed a shell for androids and humanoid robots that includes working representations of most joints, and is easy to work with. In the present configuration, it is made from aluminum for ease of reconfiguring and to keep it light weight.

This device comprises: an operating support for repair, provided with mounting means in said intermediate tubular sector, centering means of said operating support for repair, in relation to said tubular end, and repair devices and/or accessories which are prepared for its detachable mounting in said repair operating support.

In a Loss of Coolant Accident, such as those which occurred in TMI and at Fukushima, without effective cooling, the reactor core quickly overheats and begins to melt. This releases volatile radioactive elements into the pressure vessel atmosphere.

Cells of the body are under the continual forces of compression, tension and shear (collectively, strain.) These mechanical forces play important roles in the regulation of various biological processes such as gene expression, adhesion, migration, and apoptosis. These forces, and the cellular responses,

The T.W.I.N.S. (Trans-Web Infrastructure Network System) Projects (www.aquaterraplanetaryholdings.com) propose to create a single-standard national and international infrastructure and transportation network system consisting of Terra (Land-based) and Aqua (Ocean-based) Bypass Stations that are to be interconnected by a single-standard transport Operating System (OS).

Aquaback is developing a highly efficient, low cost, low maintenance, compact, modular vapor compression distiller to be the water processing module in a wide variety of water processing systems to clean incoming water or reclaim waste water.

The Arachnid Vigor works by attracting and repelling alternating positive and negative magnetic poles. Thus causing the apparatus to rotate. As the machine rotates, the rod in the center of the apparatus will be equipped with a gearing mechanism located on the bottom of the rod,

‘Assist +’ is an Augmentative & Alternative communication (AAC) mobile application designed exclusively for people suffering with Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Speech & Hearing disorders.

Communication is a medium to express feelings, emotions & exchange information and ideas. Generally,

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