Asteroids and comets are some of the most accessible sources of space based raw materials and elements, rich with minerals, ores and even water, that can be exploited in-situ toward space architectures and systems development or for delivery to locations including moon, Mars and also the Earth.

Here in Egypt, traffic jams are a major problem. ATC offers a solution for this problem. It looks into the problem from a different perspective. The idea is to install an electronic system on each vehicle. This system will detect illegal movement (cross lanes frequency), illegal driving direction,

My proposal is for the implementation of an augmented reality network for technical field workers based on a combination of technologies. Components from makers such as, Google, Vuzix, Tektronix, Agilent, and others are currently being used or they are being researched.

I have three US patents for different embodiments of an auto safety bumper invention.

Cars must become smaller and lighter to meet government CAFE rules. Today, small cars are less safe in collisions than larger cars. The small cars don't have large crumple zones. In fact,

The Automate system aims to provide a sustainable transportation solution for our cities. Many concepts try to overcome the ever growing losses due to traffic jams, pollution and traffic accidents. AutoMate provides an innovative system design which aims to help us all save lives,

In designing the future I was interested in making several tasks easier by automation and technology. The first is fashion. With a multi-billion dollar fashion industry Nail Polish is a major consumer product.

The idea is simple: to control the traffic by having a sensor on each car that allows the traffic control infrastructure to detect vehicles on the road.

Such is the case of traffic lights with this technology.

Automatic gear change for bicycle. Rotation sensor (magnetic or optical, counts teeth) on chain ring. Optimum pedal speed = 90 r.p.m. tired/fresh, athlete/slob, makes no difference. Gear changes to keep pedal speed optimum. Rear (and front maybe) mech has actuator (motor and screw on parallelogram) and position sensor.

Screw gun and torque meter are two different tools used for tightening screws and to measure the torque by which the screws are tightened.

A little pot with a condenser that works with the energy of a solar panel, on the day the batteries are recharged, and at night the fan starts, which cools the condenser causing the water to be deposited in an internal canal with small holes,

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