‘Assist +’ is an Augmentative & Alternative communication (AAC) mobile application designed exclusively for people suffering with Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Speech & Hearing disorders.

Communication is a medium to express feelings, emotions & exchange information and ideas. Generally, people with speech and hearing impairment fail to communicate with normal people due to the sign-language limitations which is understandable by only limited people.

Assist+ enables these people to communicate by converting limited muscle movements of fingers to speech which helps the person to improve their social interaction and to express their feelings in an easier way.

Assist+ has the following features:
1. QWERTY Keypad with Text-to-Speech Capability
2. Categorized Daily needs for basic communication and ask the needs

Asteroids and comets are some of the most accessible sources of space based raw materials and elements, rich with minerals, ores and even water, that can be exploited in-situ toward space architectures and systems development or for delivery to locations including moon, Mars and also the Earth. As proof of concept for a needed critical technology, capable of rendezvous, capture, and deflection of an asteroid of 30-50 m diameter, the design, construction, and placement of an early asteroid retrieval and deflection system, as a functional purpose built vehicle to be assembled and deployed from the ISS or a future Orbital Operations Platform gives immediate opportunity. The multi- phased program for construction of the retriever includes component based design and ...

Here in Egypt, traffic jams are a major problem. ATC offers a solution for this problem. It looks into the problem from a different perspective. The idea is to install an electronic system on each vehicle. This system will detect illegal movement (cross lanes frequency), illegal driving direction, breaking traffic lights, fast acceleration, illegal parking, and short distance to front vehicle. Some of these are already included as safety features in modern cars. And some are there by default as common sensors. The rest of them will be implemented using computer vision/Artificial Intelligence techniques.

The system is composed of a central control unit which is connected to car default sensors (Speed, Acceleration, GPS, Safety sensors) and added ...

My proposal is for the implementation of an augmented reality network for technical field workers based on a combination of technologies. Components from makers such as, Google, Vuzix, Tektronix, Agilent, and others are currently being used or they are being researched.

This system will use through-view augmented reality eyewear and data acquisition devices interfaced to an Android device running a Java application. The system will communicate over the 4G cellular network with servers running applications linked to Comsol simulations to provide real time visual cues and labels to field technicians about the systems they are servicing.

The field technician will see video labels that describe the function of each component as well as its current status. ...

I have three US patents for different embodiments of an auto safety bumper invention.

Cars must become smaller and lighter to meet government CAFE rules. Today, small cars are less safe in collisions than larger cars. The small cars don't have large crumple zones. In fact, many small cars don't have extended trunks that provide a large crumple zone for larger cars.

I propose to add a box full of polyurethane foam which gets crushed in a collision. The foam has a stress strain curve like that of steel. The force on it becomes flat and that reduces the g forces on the passengers as long as foam is being crushed.

Fig 1 show a box that is shared ...

The Automate system aims to provide a sustainable transportation solution for our cities. Many concepts try to overcome the ever growing losses due to traffic jams, pollution and traffic accidents. AutoMate provides an innovative system design which aims to help us all save lives, time and keep our planet a greener place.

While the first PRT systems are now starting to gain momentum, AutoMate wishes to improve their concept by designing the car/pod/system in a way that allows easy system integration with current AND future infrastructure needs.

The AutoMate™ transportation system combines the benefits of mass transportation with the convenience and privacy of your own car.
- Door-to-door travel time is reduced by 50% (80% during rush hours). This ...

In designing the future I was interested in making several tasks easier by automation and technology. The first is fashion. With a multi-billion dollar fashion industry Nail Polish is a major consumer product. The device I invented combines two iportant function adding and removing nail polish with micro-electronic machines (MEMS) and a consumer friendly and usable design. My invention is a handy dandy pencil has a removable eraser to put your finger in and have your nail polish eradicated! Once the polish is removed it can be added to the ink to change the color of the item or the current ink color can be used to change the polish. By encapsualting the polish into the ink you also ...

The idea is simple: to control the traffic by having a sensor on each car that allows the traffic control infrastructure to detect vehicles on the road.

Such is the case of traffic lights with this technology. The sensors would send data to the traffic lights controller on a predefined range such that the traffic light detects how many cars are on each lane and take smart actions to control the existing traffic.

With this data, the traffic light controller can decide the amount of seconds for each lane, and with this intelligence the traffic would flow just as well as it would with a standing police officer in a traffic intersection.

There is no need to include private ...

Automatic gear change for bicycle. Rotation sensor (magnetic or optical, counts teeth) on chain ring. Optimum pedal speed = 90 r.p.m. tired/fresh, athlete/slob, makes no difference. Gear changes to keep pedal speed optimum. Rear (and front maybe) mech has actuator (motor and screw on parallelogram) and position sensor. Box for electronics, battery, control. Action inhibited under back-pedal or no-pedal. Pedal slowly under free-wheel when approaching junction to set to bottom gear.

One less thing to think about while avoiding death by ...

Screw gun and torque meter are two different tools used for tightening screws and to measure the torque by which the screws are tightened. There are some places where the screw has to be tightened at a particular torque and beyond that it may wear the screw or even shear stress may damage the equipment. As an example: a screw has tightened at 85 N-M and it has to be checked with an torque meter if accidentally the meter has set for 70 N-M and the screw is checked. It shows as tightened so we got a delay of 10 N-M which may lead to wear of the screw and rupture of machinery. To avoid this we are designing ...

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