Intro. Ground breaking AWP Ergonomic Pen intended to eliminate the cramping and discomfort associated with traditional cylindrical pen forms.

Highlight benefit. No other pen on the market addresses the ergonomic deficiencies associated with traditional writing pens like the AWP ergo pen does.

Finger stress reduced. Thumb and middle finger are positioned against a large concave surface so as to distribute hand stresses over a large surface area, while writing.

Highest pressure point resolved. The highest pressure point associated with the index finger is resolved through a soft, unsupported "trampoline" surface on the top of the pen body. The pleasure of the comfort is immediate because the pen conforms to your finger forming a concave contact surface, at the contact ...

What problem does your design idea solve?
What are the potential benefits?
How is your idea novel or an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace?
Where would this idea be applied?
What is the market potential?
How does your design work?
How would your product be manufactured?
How would the production cost compare with products already in the marketplace?

1. To make bank robberies almost impossible.

2. The benefit is that you can capture the bank robber and recover the stolen money.

3. you don’t have to activate the alarm, it does it automatically. When the alarm triggers the bank doors lock, trapping the bank robber.

4. This idea would be applied to banks and other ...

Joe Tackett is the inventor and U.S. Patent holder of the Battle Stations concept and has been developing it since 2007.

Production is expected to begin in July, 2012.

Battle Stations is an Aerobics-based, computer automated, Martial Arts training device.

Please see the illustrations before proceeding.

Users will be shown the proper way to execute Martial Arts techniques (from our DVD, manual and company web site) and choose from an ever increasing library of skill levels in our programmed workout routines.

It can be used as a stand alone unit for private/home use, or several units may be linked together for public use in Martial Arts clubs, Fitness clubs, Military training, Law Enforcement training, Arcades, etc.

When linking ...

Aim :
To rate the driving practice and behavior among drivers and rate them by their driving behavior

To assess the driver's behavior and driving practice in terms of response and reaction time to a fellow motorist and pedestrians and to identify poor drivers & scrutinizing their driving habits.

Need for the program:
In a developing nation like India, where the majority of the population travel a quite a long distance (to the workplace), the commuters travel an average two hours a day by road. The need for the program is to assess every driver's social responsibility in ensuring safety for passengers, pedestrians and others. This program also aims at identifying potential dangerous drivers (who ...

Pomegranate is a fruit that grows in temperate climate. Its juice is high in nutrients and anti-oxidants. It typical size varies from an apple to a small grapefruit (3-5 inches in diameter) with the cross section resembling a rounded hexagonal shape, and has thick reddish skin. Unlike most other fruits, it edible content are packed in a large number of “seed” or arils (200 to about 1500), each of which has a surrounding juice-laden pulp—called aril—ranging in color from white to deep red or purple. The seeds are tightly packed in pockets of light yellow colored membranes that divide the interior of the fruit into several segments.

However, pomegranate is unattractive as a table-fruit due to the ...

If you have explored Rogaine then you're very aware of two very important aspects associated with its use. The first aspect is that it really causes hair to regrow (at least for most men), and the second aspect is that it is relatively expensive. The first aspect could be expected to make one over look the second aspect were it not for the applicators tendency to waste a significant portion of an expensive substance. When Rogaine was first introduced the method of application was a simple eye dropper which was dangled precariously above the "Void" and squeezed. Some of the liquid could be expected to remain in the general vicinity of the bald spot but in reality ...

Better Sleep With A Blanket Retainer

Modern bead stead furniture most often does not incorporate a footboard. Whereas this makes bed making a bit easier, it does have the disadvantage of letting the blankets work their way off the bottom of the bed as the sleeper changes positions. To avoid this, the pseudo footboard described below can correct this problem while still making the bed easy to make. .

A number of prototype footboard blanket retainers have been made and used within the family for a number of years. This blanket retainer is a simple, inexpensive solution keeping the blankets from sliding off the foot of the bed. The included figures display its configuration.

The figures show the bookend ...

Most people who have ridden bicycles can attest that air resistance is the main barrier to achieving a desirable average speed.

Alternatively, many science-minded people who are familiar with the Mythbusters television show may recall that bicycles can draft trucks (of rectangular rear end) at speeds which are nearly impossible to attain with human power alone. The wake of the truck, which is fully turbulent, can be fully reproduced in a Bicycle Wind Tube (BWT).

The Bicycle Windtube is a structure specifically suited for the human-powered bicycle mode of transportation, capable of sustaining an average air speed of 25 miles per hour inside of a closed tunnel. This number seems insignificant but may represent a ...

Big FootTM is a totally new vacuum cleaner nozzle in concept and appearance. It attaches with the standard one and one-quarter inch tapered fitting. It is designed specifically to clean non-porous floors, such as wood, linoleum, concrete, paver bricks, etc. Its valve can reduce the airflow for cleaning thin mats and some carpets. It cleans better and much faster than other nozzles. Being transparent and movable in all four directions turns all vacuum cleaners into professional quality tools. It cleans under beds and shelves as low as 2.5 inches.

Its patent USP 6,105,207 includes the momentum equations of fluid flow and it is apparently the first vacuum cleaner nozzle to do this; theoretically it should be the best and ...

The BiModal Glideway (BMG) project is a new incarnation of the 60 year old possibility of bimodal transportation. Bimodal transportation involves vehicles that can operate on conventional streets and highways and on separated guideways. In the former they are driver controlled; in the latter they are system controlled and travel without driver intervention.

Automobiles using BiModal technology enter onto a Glideway and automatically convert to all-electric, high speed vehicles, no longer requiring driver control. Riding on a single lane, grade separated Glideway, each vehicle is controlled by vehicle-Glideway interacting systems. The non-stop traffic would flow more swiftly and more safely than conventional traffic, and drivers would be freed up for other activities while on the Glideway. On ...

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