Sustainable Technologies

Fullspeed Technology Inc. is a Canadian company led by Greg Ahira, an entrepreneur whose vision is to create and bring to market innovative productions. Fullspeed is developing a unique test strip product, “RightMix Strips,” that displays the mixture ratio of oil and fuel used in a two-stroke engine.

Most of the companies in Mombasa have been recycling plastic waste, glasses,and metallic waste leaving the heap of organic waste which forms 75% of the total garbage.

Open-air markets, beach hotels, fast food restaurants, and homes produce more than 200 tons of organic waste per day.

Imagine a renewable energy source that can produce energy at a cost comparable to natural gas or hydroelectric generators using fewer resources, while being environmentally friendly.

The poor performance of today's thermic engines is due to the temperature inhomogeneity of the hot air. With today fuel injection, it’s difficult to obtain a uniform and stoichiometric air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber, in the extremely short deadlines (the order of ms),

Solar energy is a dilute form of energy, to achieve temperatures above 90°C, the concentration of Solar radiations is must. Various types of concentrators are developed, namely Concave reflective, Convex transmissive, Fresnel lens based, Cylindrical line focusing or Spherical/Parabolic point focusing and so on. All these concentrators,

If I can to tune a broadcasting station, then I also can tune the sun's light because the light is an electromagnetic wave.

The tuning circuit (coil+capacitor) captures the electromagnetic signal from the light and generate

In my country the resources do not exist for this project.

Untethered Autonomous Flying Wind Power Plant

Conventional wind power plants (WPP) have their limits due to the low energy density and fluctuations of surface winds, as well as their low efficiency. The idea of harnessing the more intensive, persistent high-altitude winds seems to be promising.

Surprisingly, if you bring a pendulum to the side, it will start to oscillate in a plan that remains unchanged even though you rotate its base. This is how Foucault demonstrated the rotation of the Earth.

This counterintuitive behavior could be used as a free source of energy.

Trap grease is a mixture of water, solids, fat, oil and grease (FOG) that accumulate in grease traps/interceptors and sewer pipes. The FOG content in the trap grease is the major cause of the clogging and corrosion of municipal sewer pipes.

Some of the greatest technological advances in modern day society have involved the improvements of the fuel efficiency in vehicles. However, a challenge arises with a current problem. In electrical systems, electricity is produced directly from the engine through the alternator,

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