The concept of this project is that the whole details of a vehicle can be stored in a chip and this chip can be accessed only by the police to collect the entire details easily and quickly even if the vehicle is moving. This chip contains the details like Vehicle no:, Owners name, model, colour of the vehicle, Engine no, Registration details, Date of expiration of insurance or tax...etc and the transmitter device monitors the current speed of the moving vehicle. And this is transmitted into the air by ZigBee transmitting module as soon as the vehicle turns ON. Hence this information's can be decoded using a receiver and can collect all the details of a particular or ...

Relaxing and comfortable double-seat in which travelers
can spend the brief or long waits of today’s airport mobility. A ready-to-use and cost effective device that can convert into a sleeping seat while safekeeping bulky baggage.

Easy-going and cost-free double-chair to spend short urban waits without being afraid to take a nap and having
one's luggage stolen: in underground, university, hospital, railway station, etc. perfect for where the luggage is small and must be stored away.

Patent description: A double seat that keeps baggage safe. French Patent 2Nov2012, number 0511230, n. publication 2892906, converted in European Pantent PCT 06831063.0-1653, ref.8F945cas1, 10Jan2014. The invention consists of a seat made of two shells which can be overlapped or set side by side ...

This dsPIC based Engine Control Unit (ECU) powered by LabVIEW can run any gasoline Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Engine. The basic aim of this project is to develop an open source cheap ECU in order to enhance the Engine performance. In our country ie Pakistan complete automotive EFI engines along with ECUs are imported from developed countries. Engine Control Unit is still like a black box for most of the Researchers and Engineers in Pakistan. There is a lot of research prospective in the automotive field especially in Powertrain or Engine controls. This ECU powered by LabView makes it possible to run challenging complex Model-Based Engine controls. Designers can do real-time implementation, rapid designing and development of an engine ...

Dual Suspension System Technology (DSS Technology)

Current vehicle suspension design divides into two groups:

1. Solid Axle Suspensions
2. Independent Suspensions

Both of which still face stability and mobility difficulties that are masked by various electronic stability control systems. Limited articulation, directional stability, unsprung weight penalties, excessive vibration and towing limitations are just a few examples.

The thing is, one group's benefits actually answer the other's problems and vise versa.

The DSS Technology selectively provides solid axle suspension and independent suspension for an automobile which has the advantages of the two and a manner of switching between them at will

According to the terrain (on-road, off-road, rock-crawling), a driver can switch from solid axle suspension mode to independent suspension ...

The current traffic regulation uses only time as a criterion. It is not on par with the current technological developments which are being implemented in all the fields by the government. The current developments on technologies which use speed breakers for mechanical energy to electrical energy conversion have also been considered and a better development is proposed. This is because the already existing technologies are not as efficient as they could be.

The Idea:
The current speedbreaker technology employs either the spring technology or piezoelectric material to convert the mechanical power to electrical energy. Our technology uses both these concepts. The spring is used for the concentration of the power and the piezoelectric uses MEMS technology ...

E Anti Sleep Alarm

E Anti Sleep alarm is a electronic device that attaches to normal spectacles and gives an alarm when eyes close for more than 1 second. It works on the principle of reflective light from the Eye and Retina.It will not give false alarm when a person blinks his eyes. Average duration of a eye blink 0.1 to 0.4 sec (use operation hysteresis circuit). It's designed in such a way that it takes into account the dark period.

When light is not reflected due to closure of eyes for more than 1 second an alarm sounds. 

Our E anti sleep alarm is reliable and comfortable. Replaceable button cell battery.

Currently market available devices are tilting type, but tilting ...

We all are aware of the highly decrease levels of our non-renewable resources such as petroleum. If we not optimaly utilise these resources they will be extint, and our coming generations will not be able to use these resources. My design is a step towards saving these resources. Cars and automobiles are mainly resposible for the decreasing level of these resources.

My design will remove the wastage of the fuel and provide better fuel mileage/economy. This design works in three modes using solar energy, Electrolysis and electric power. These modes are:


1- Electric Mode- in this mode the car runs only on motor in city drive upto 50 km/hr.
the motor is driven by the Li-ion bateries ...

Today, millions of people all around the world suffer from air pollution, traffic congestion, unsafe traffic conditions, noise…while our entire planet is under threat as the result of climate change. So cycling becomes an essential part of the solution to these major problems. There are a hundred reasons to choose pedelec: they have little parking space, comfortable, cheap, clean, green and definitely faster than a car in crowded town and health enhancing, etc.

I have my first electric bike concept for over a year, it is called E-Wheel (abbreviation of Integrated Electric Wheel). E-Wheel can be fixed to a conventional or folding bicycle and you will have ‘the new electric bike.’ I think my concept is unique, and ...

Innovative idea to create an eco friendly car which can work on petrol,solar energy,wind energy.

This is a concept car only it is mind.

We have a model on sketch and all we need to do is to make a prototype of this model which can actually cost 2 to 3 lakhs .
In this car we run it first with petrol and then we use the energy which is being wasted at the rear wheel (in case of front wheel drive car).
Other than this we have solar pannel on the roof to use the sun energy.
Else than this I have an idea of using small vertical axis turbine to generate power and use it ...


The modern immobilizer used in vehicles is a complex mechanism involving a lot of electronics, circuitry and ECU involvement. While this is successful, it adds to the cost of the vehicle. So it seems that “safety is a privilege that can only be afforded by the rich.” By means of this project we mean to break this myth.

Entry level cars such as TATA Nano, Maruti Suzuki Alto are mostly bought by people in the lower economic bracket. Thus in order to save costs, such cars come without an immobilizer. Our project is aimed at providing vehicular security at minimal costs that can be affordable to all.

An immobilizer is an electronic security device fitted to an automobile ...

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