CarKnow's Cloud platform addresses difficulty accessing vehicle diagnostic information by providing hardware and software to simplify capturing, using, and reacting to sensor data. The CarKnow “CARduino” device is a GSM bridge between in-vehicle Controller Area Networks, on-device GPS and motion sensors, and a web platform leveraging MIT’s “CloudThink” object mirroring architecture. The data provided feed a secured REST API with clear privacy controls – users own their data, and any sharing is opt-in. Digital duplicate “Avacar” mirrors back applications ranging from data visualization to those improving comfort and convenience. GSM connectivity enables a low-latency, always-on connection, which applications can leverage for bidirectional communication – allowing mobile devices to remotely control vehicle functions such as locks, windows, or radio settings. ...

Weight reduction is now the main issue in automobile industries. Weight reduction can be achieved primarily by the introduction of better material, design optimization and better manufacturing processes. The automobile industry has shown increased interest in the replacement of steel spring with fiberglass composite leaf spring due to high strength to weight ratio. The introduction of FRP material has made it possible to reduce the weight of spring without any reduction on load carrying capacity. Therefore the aim of this project is to design and fabricate a complete mono composite leaf spring.

The achievement of weight reduction with adequate improvement of mechanical properties has made composite a very good replacement material for conventional steel. Selection of material ...

Passenger car engines are sized to produce very high horsepower to suit the consumer’s demand for drivability and performance. Unfortunately, engines run most efficiently at high load conditions and very inefficiently at the low loads where they spend most of their time. This results in poor fuel economy and high CO2 emissions.

ESI’s continuously variable stroke engine expands the high efficiency operating region into the area where the engine operates during normal driving. This is accomplished using a unique patented crankshaft and connecting rod system that allows the distance the pistons travel to be adjusted on an immediate and continual basis while adjusting the combustion volume to maintain the same compression ratio. The engine is essentially being “sized” in ...

Electric car owners sometimes need to make a longer distance trip than the electric range will allow. Camping trips are often taken taken across country. Long distance truckers travel hundreds of miles.
People just want to take trips without getting tired at their destination.

I propose new electric rail vehicles where the operator drives their vehicle onto an individual rail ferry car and then remains parked for the ride. Electric cars can plug in and charge during the trip.

Fatigue: When people travel long distances, fatigue is a factor. Being able to rest or nap during a trip would keep the driver – and occupants – fresher and able to enjoy more of their time at their destination.

Efficiency: ...

Nowadays luxury comes at a higher price. This concept is based on the principle that in soft suspension systems, there is a time gap between the instances the shock experienced by the tires and that shock being transmitted to the body of the car. Here comes our concept of using a force sensitive leveling device and hydraulic cylinders which is controlled by a proportional valve to suppress the shocks.

The suspension system uses a simple layout in which four leveling devices which are placed in four extreme corners of the chassis where the moment from the nearest axle is maximum. The system uses a hydraulic cylinder which acts as a damping system. A solenoid operated proportional valve controls the ...

The main objective of this project is to determine the characteristics of accidents involving vehicle submersion and to overcome these characters to save the human life.

This can be made possible by designing a vehicle along with a hull beneath it, in such a way, that it overcomes the upright buoyancy force and prevents the vehicle from submersion. Our aim is to support the vehicle which is more vulnerable to such kind of disaster by providing extra support and balancing effect. Our method will prove to be the lifesaving factor for those who feel that their carelessness turns into sudden tragedy. The composite material involving material selection for the best support and also ensure the stability and comfort ...

Summary of the project:
This project is initiated to facilitate the physically challenged persons by both hands and legs. They can ride this vehicle and earn money which will be helpful for their survival. The vehicle is a three wheeler because three wheeler requires less effort for steering when compared to four wheeler. The chassis is designed such that it satisfies all the requirements.The main component of the vehicle is the steering which is achieved by combining the hand and leg steering system by chain sprocket mechanism. The engine is mounted at the rear part of the vehicle by means of a stand which is fixed to chassis by means of bush so that suspension works efficiently. The engine ...

The accuracy of multi dimensional simulation of vehicle dynamics has been significantly increased for both passive and active vehicles which are equipped with advanced electronic components. Recently, one of the subjects that has been considered is increasing the car safety in design. Therefore, many efforts have been made to increase vehicle stability especially during the turn. It is also very important in three wheel cars. One of the most important efforts is adjusting the camber angle in the car suspension system. Camber angle, as well as the vehicle stability, has major effects on the wheel slip, reducing rubber abrasion, acceleration and braking. Since the increase or decrease in the camber angle impacts on the stability of three wheel vehicles, ...

Problem:- We all know that the electric vehicles are more efficient than the oil burning vehicles. They make less noise and are pollution free. But electric vehicles are not frequently used in day to day life.

1. One cannot use electric vehicles on the go. He/she has to stop for some time to charge the batter .
2. In Developing countries like India there is no 24-7 electricity in the rural areas .
3. The charging time is high.

1. Detachable Battery System: A detachable battery system should develop so that the batteries can be easily pull out when they are empty and charged battery can be easily inserted.

2. Battery Exchange Station: Battery exchange station is ...

BDCOTSRUS, Inc, is a 501(c)(3) corporation. We want to promote a design for personal transportation that is safe, environmentally friendly, fuel efficient, and cost effective. We believe that a car that achieves one-hundred miles per-gallon does not need to be prototypical because the technology is currently available. Towards that end, we use off-the–shelf components that are currently available in the market. We converted an existing compact car to meet the fuel efficiency requirements while not re-inventing the production process.

We have produced a prototype vehicle and demonstrated its ability to perform as an electric car. The drive and generator system has been integrated under the hood with the battery system integrated under the vehicle.

About the BDCOTSRUS vehicle:

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