We all are afraid what will happen if all the fossil fuels are finished. This engine gives a better solution for this problem. This engine uses compressed air as the working fluid. Air is taken from the atmosphere and is compressed using a compressor. A battery is used as power for working of compressor. The compressed air is then stored in a reservoir. The air coming from the reservoir is also heated for increasing engine efficiency. From the reservoir air is fed into the cylinder through an inlet valve. The opening and closing of the inlet valve is controlled by a cam mechanism as in conventional engines. After the working cycle, air is let out through the exhaust valve. ...

Instead of searching for alternative fuels or alternative sources of energy, this entry discusses how we have optimized the existing technology of engines used in electric/hybrid engines for generation of better torque and thus higher power output. This we have done by changing the way in which electric engines work, a switching circuit which is connected to coils that are present in stator part of a normal electric motor was provided and the windings were changed to independent, individual configuration. The result that was calculated was a higher power output than conventional electric engines.

The whole process begins by person starting the battery supply. As soon as the process begins, the current starts flowing through the components and ...

When we go at high speeds in our vehicle, we experience wind resistance which tends to slow down your vehicle. When you want that particular speed at which you were driving from the beginning, then you need to supply more fuel. I thought of an idea based on thermodynamics 1st law: energy can be neither created nor destroyed but it can be transformed from one form to another. When we place a turbine at the back of the vehicle,.the wind which passes us tends to flow through the turbine and in turn rotates the turbine producing electricity which can be used to power batteries and any secondary functions can be done. Now the main role comes in studying the velocity ...

FasTran’s Magic: The cabin offers 2 aisles for direct entry/exit to a wide comfort seat. 36 seats strategically located within the cabin offer spectacular views while the vehicle travels safely, high above the city's traffic at 55mph. Indirect lighting bathes the cabin. Emergency egress is from the left side onto a nonslip walkway, with emergency handholds and enclosed steps for egress to a walkway between twin guideways. Urban’s total cabin capacity is 72.

  • unparalleled "value/price point",
  • system location flexibility that requires only 3' x 3' land footprint every 100' for support column placement.
  • public Right-of-Way (ROW) location - Near zero land costs for taxpayers.
  • guideways built with fast modular construction in controlled environment
  • guidways trucked down freeways during ...

As the demand for speed is growing every day and as the ecological requirements are stricter there is a high demand for faster, safer and more ecological roads.

If you saw the great old movie 'Back To The Future` you cannot forget their great flying auto.

Of couse we could not put a reactor into any car but what if can we use a wireless charger to give the power to the our car.

We can use the Tesla which does not need to stop to get charged with the use of our technology or it is possible to make a new car that does not need to use the main active element which are the wheels.

As we have ...

Slowly flying at the altitude of a quad copter, or cruising on a cushion of air as a ground effect hovercraft, this circular amphibious aircraft can also land on, ride on, and float on water.

Reduced in total weight by its helium (or hot air) inflated circular floatation skirt (creating a plenum chamber) and inflated enclosed- under-chassis-spaces, this circular vehicle can vertically take off and land more easily than an ordinary quad copter because it’s lighter. If made with a large enough diameter, this craft could become lighter than air.

Due to its reduced weight and multi-functionality, it is different from the Avro Avrocar, Chrysler's flying jeep, the Hiller flying platforms, Bell's ducted fan & fan ...

The ‘RHAT Bike’ is the world's first folding, reconfigurable and lightest full size motorcycle system in history. In the 1900's motorcycle were glorified bicycles but when the two camps split, bicycles became stronger and motorcycles became heavier. For the past 100 years this has left an unexplored middle ground, my idea states the most versatile motorcycle is actually a heavy duty bicycle and the best all-purpose bicycle is a light duty motorcycle!

This bike is actually 3 groundbreaking patients in one of the world’s lightest Dirt Bike that Folds, the first Quick Quad Conversion Kit for the bike and the Reconfigurable Rescue Sidecar with 8 victim carry configurations. Using performance bicycle parts on dirt bike geometry makes this bike ...

Accidents in Forklifts occurs mainly due to reduced vision because of the mast that is in front of the driver. To prevent this following few modifications can be done & put to practical use:

*On-board camera can be provided so that the driver drives by watching the camera.
*Obstacle sensors can be provided so that when anyone comes across the forklift the sensors sends signal to caution the driver.
*The mast and the counterweight can be exchanged in their places.
*The drivers seat to be modified to a turntable.
*While loading & unloading the driver turns with his seat & facing the mast he operates the control levers.
*While driving the Forklift the driver turns front and drives facing ...

Solar Transportation Technologies is developing a fixed guideway system for dual mode electric cars called Freedom Transit. The fixed guideway powers and controls the electric cars while in the system. The electrical power comes from guideway roof mounted solar panels generating approximately 3.8 Megawatts per mile. Utility power is used to supplement solar power as needed. Access to Freedom Transit is controlled by stations that screen vehicles for maintenance issues before granting access to the guideway. This mass-transit fixed guideway system allows the use of dual mode electric cars for automated self driving on the system and manual driving on roads.

High traffic corridors would be selected as previously identified by DOT for high-speed rail. Routes would be selected ...

PEUGEOT BOXER is a diesel engine 2500 cc with maximum 80 hp with max speed of 120 km/hr which is building in an ambulance car with power steering. This model was produced in 1998, this car is front drive axis with engine in transverse position.

But this engine is rarely in my country. For 2 years this engine is stuck up I try and try to fix another longitudinal diesel engine in a transverse position but I failed because there is no enough place to fix engine there.

Then another idea is appearing to fix another small gasoline transverse engine with suitable idea to fix this engine with PEUGEOT transmission.

I begin to search for another small ...

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