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The need to belong and be socially connected is an important part of human well being. But often, when in social events, it can be difficult to start a conversation with a stranger even if we want to. The Wearable Icebreaker system is designed to help strangers connect in such situations without intruding in the process of social activity.
Some solutions have been proposed to solve this problem, but no existing approaches fit well in social situations. Social proximity applications on mobile phones are obtrusive and can cause information overload. Recommending long lists of compatible people to the user, requiring her to scroll up/down the screen or operate buttons, distracts her attention from the social situation and on-going ...

WeatherCalcHD 1.0.0 for the Android Tablets is an app for students and professional meteorologists to derive the highly technical details of weather forecasting without the need for cumbersome math formulae. The Four Button Control panel is the user input interface. Use the on screen keyboard to enter the Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Humidity and Altitude then Touch the Yellow ENTER Button and notice that the GO Button has turned green. Touch the GO Button and WeatherCalcHD 1.0.0 will then perform the required algebraic calculations and display the results: Density Altitude, Dew Point, Air Density, Vapor Pressure, Virtual Temperature, Relative Air Density, Saturation Vapor Pressure, and Absolute Air Pressure. Activate the HELP screen by first touching the Green HELP Button and ...

WhizzDrive is a disposable, hygienic attachment for an electric toothbrush which enables its oscillatory motion to be converted to pure rotation.

Benefits to the end user
WhizzDrive provides customers with a powered approach to several laborious oral and skincare regimens.

It speeds these processes, so that they become more effective and more likely to be sustained.

This is achieved by exploitation of toothbrush technology in which the user will have already invested quite heavily, which is increasingly pervasive and yet under-used.

As a light-duty rotary tool, and in conjunction with a range of low cost swappable 'heads', WhizzDrive provides users with a more convenient way to undertake a number of personal care activities. These include polishing ...

Women's Protection with External Camera Mobile is 100% more useful for consumer customers compared to other product presently on the market. There are more than 10 to 50 models of gadgets in this world, but none perfectly can be used as quickly with this. With there are different type of gadgets like like pepper spray, spy camera, etc., there is only 50% chance or less that the assaulter could be identified.

Mostly today gadgets are made to get away from the assaulter but not to catch him so that he can be jailed. There are spy cameras but they only do recording and not LIVE casting. This is a weak point in today's spy cameras for protection because if the assaulter knows that ...

The Wonder Glove is a unique cleaning tool in that it combines the absorbency of a sponge and the agitating qualities of a brush. Because of its construction, it creates an "action pocket" that acts as a dirt filter, continuously absorbing the cleaning agent bearing the dirt particles loosened by the agitation, trapping the dirt particles and expelling the filtered cleaning agent. The action pocket significantly increases the synergistic effects of combining the absorbent material with the agitating material. The Wonder Glove is made of a "suede like" lined sherpa material, with strips of an olefin fiber material, commonly used in indoor/outdoor carpet. This product was originally designed for spot cleaning carpet, but once the inventor started to use ...

Z.E.R.O ( Zero Energy Re Emitting Object ) works on the principle of magnetic force repulsion.

This concept can be used were we see scarcity of electric power.

The mechanism inside the box provides energy without any source or manual work done.

The output can vary by varying the output object like by replacing bulb by fan and making suitable arrangements with the same box.

The intensity controller just varies the output power by certain re-arrangements inside the mechanism box.
Every time one presses the intensity button the corresponding LED glows. so as to indicate the power level.

The Box has holes at the bottom so as to release heat.

Also the box contains mountings to clamp his set-up on ...

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