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My idea is just a concept which is based on a simple law of magnetic repulsion.

According to this law,

MANTARAYA Air is an underwater propeller device destined for scuba activities, premier navigation, life-saving situational awareness, and submarine exploration.

It’s a lighter adaptation of the military model MANTARAYA Delta Challenger.That model can also be controlled remotely by adapting a rudder instead of the manual control.

Motion Sickness and spatial disorientation have been acknowledged as a widespread problem, affecting a significant portion of world population to varying degrees. Up to 60% of the population has some motion intolerance. The occurrence of motion sickness can approach 100% in cruise ship passengers on rough seas.

Pottery is one of the oldest traditions of our country. We have been doing it right from the start of the civilizations. The number of people still carrying out these activities has been declining from the start of mid twentieth century and the number continues to grow thinner.

For comfort conditions we generally use an air conditioner (AC). The main drawback of an AC is that it consumes large amount of power about 1KW. Also the air conditioner is not cost effective. The alternative for the air conditioner is Evaporative cooler.

This entry comprises a solution to increase the efficiency of water coolers by using the same water which is wasted in drainage. Water that is allowed to drain directly can be used effectively to increase the efficiency of the system to good extent.

Our defacto hardware tool to interact with computers is the mouse. Be it a mousepad or a handheld mouse, it is the one and only tool – along with the keyboard - we all use to make our daily work in computers.

A helmet for a super bike rider that has built-in headphones and a small see-through screen over the right eye. With a navigation system software built-in and connected to the satellite.

Macjames® Multisurface Degreaser/Cleaner for multi-surface/multipurpose degreasing and cleaning of all washable surfaces.

Macjames® Multisurface Degreaser/Cleaner is an innovative and economical multisurface/multipurpose degreaser/cleaner with concentrated strength to clean organic and inorganic dirt from all washable surfaces.

Let me tell you my story ...
I live in Don's pocket, I am his pocket pet and I go everywhere, well, almost everywhere.
I don't do showers!

When he is alone and needs someone to talk to, (in English, sometimes French and even Chinese), well,

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