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Ceiling fan is one of the most common appliances that is used in our day to day life which is to be cleaned periodically. At present, the ceiling fans are cleaned manually which is extremely time consuming and involves manual effort.

The drone technology is becoming mature and reaching more popularity in public. The “fellow in the sky” concept emerges as an autonomous sports coach gathering data and taking pictures & videos during a sport session.

This new Invention is a Fence Identification (Warning) Device to mitigate the dire consequences, of Harm and Death, to those who otherwise would IMPACT an un-detected wire fence barrier.

My unique design will give the fishing industry something to fish for. Its innovative purpose is to provide fun and entertainment to the avid consumer who fishes. There are many animal callers out there but none as unique as this.

How many of us have heard of someone dying during air travel? Many of these persons died from cardiac causes, such as myocardial infarction. It is also likely that the health crisis was precipitated by low blood oxygenation while sleeping, a frequent consequence of air travel in pressurized cabins.

Always when there are torrential rains there is a threat of flooding of basements of houses.

In such cases in each house it is necessary to have an inexpensive, effective special pump and independent electric generator.

The product consists of a walker assistant with the ability to be folded, reducing its size and optimizing transportation. The walker has a pair of central axes linking the three main elements of its structure: the two legs and handle. The legs are telescopic allowing extension and height adjustment.

This design can be built with lesser material using relatively simple tools.
This foldable table has the following advantages:
1. It is smaller in size (as it is double foldable) and can be easily carried from one place to another.

The present condition of our nation is not pleasant, especially in the field of fuel consumption. Our nation is struggling to meet the demand and need of fuel expenditure. Due to the depreciation of primary sources the cost of all the fuel commodities are increasing drastically,

Multi-Purpose Bed.
The bedroom is a space which builds up a foundation for the future. That is its essential quality. It is a room,

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