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- Water purification is the process of removing undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases from contaminated water.

- Around 80 percent of diseases in India is caused by water-borne micro-organisms. According to a 2009 World Health Organization report, 1.1 billion people need improved drinking water supply. 88% of the 4 billion annual cases of diarrheal disease are attributed to unsafe water and inadequate sanitation and hygiene, and 1.8 million people die from diarrheal diseases each year. The WHO estimates that 94% of these diarrheal cases are preventable through modifications to the environment, including access to safe water.

- Numbers of purification systems has been developed around the globe, ranging from simple techniques used for treating water at ...

The prewired chip carrier module package concept is for chip packaging without the need for a wire bonder. Instead you use a tweezers to insert the chip and then replace the cover under the chip from the bottom.

The chip carrier module package consists of a EMPROM top or a dark panel then the prewired chip carrier itself then the gold paddle ground botten to hold the chip inside.The conductive traces part of the chip carrier module are gold guilded with some sort of gold gilding process during the manufacter.

The commercial version: if someone wants to manufacturer the chip carrier in quantity an engineer in the chip packaging field that designs chip manufacturing process could design to make ...

The Prong PocketPlug is the first mobile phone case featuring an integrated charger. The PocketPlug is optimally engineered to charge mobile phones in any standard electrical outlet without the use of charging cords or external battery packs. Instead, the PocketPlug employs two charging plugs built directly into the phone case’s design for immediate charging results.

The two retractable charging plugs are unique to the PocketPlug, and are easily deployed with the flick of a finger. Advantageous for quick, on-the-go charging, the plugs also fold flat inside for a slim, streamlined look when the charger is not in use. This proprietary technology makes the PocketPlug the most portable charging solution on the market today.

Other outstanding design features include:
• ...

The Problem
There are 50 million people just in the United States with various physical or cognitive challenges that greatly limit their ability to don their own footwear. Using traditional footwear causes wearers undue pain and suffering, or at the very least, are very inconvenient. Those shoe wearers that are limited to the point of being completely unable to put on their own shoes must rely on others to do so for them, negatively impacting their independence. In either case, their quality-of-life suffers.

The Solution
Inspired by his son, who was in a scoliosis brace that prevented him from being able to bend over and put his own shoes on, Steve Kaufman created Quikiks™ -a revolutionary new advance ...

Identity theft is one of the worst and most detrimental crimes being committed today. It’s also one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. Once the criminals have your information they can destroy everything you worked for all your life.

When your wireless device has been compromised all of your hard earned cash can be stolen directly out of your bank accounts. All of your other accounts of any value can be pilfered with impunity.

After you place your powered or un-powered wireless device inside our product line it secures your wireless device and protect you from those unscrupulous companies.

Untrustworthy marketing companies and some individuals also want to gather this type of information from you and your ...

The European Union Floods Directive defines a flood as the covering by water of land not which is normally uncovered by water. Some floods develop slowly while others like flash floods can develop in just a few minutes without much visible signs. Flood has been a major cause of deaths due to natural disasters not only in India but across the world. Almost all of India is flood-prone, and extreme precipitation events, such as flash floods and torrential rains, have become increasingly common in central India over the past several decades. People stuck in flood have to face multiple difficulties like lack of food, shelter, medical care, communication etc.

The main idea and motivation of my project ...

A through study and review embracing observed reports of several national tragedies, where guns were unauthorized to be used to perform acts of mass murders or to attempt to avoid capture after some other heinous acts and current security methods for stored and active weapons.

A research objective was begun of Radio-Frequency Identification or RFID advances, which then morphed into the design of an electronic gun lock system that would disable the gun once the weapon was removed from the immediate vicinity of the authorized user.

In the case, when the weapon removal is performed by another approved user (another officer or supervisor), the weapon would again become active. A great amount of thought has been given to the ...

Saving Lives in Home Fires With Smoke, Heat, and Fresh Air Vents

 What kills people, who die in home fires? Poisonous gases in the smoke. What do firefighters do when they arrive at a burning home? Ventilate the house letting smoke and heat out and fresh air in. The firefighters often chop holes in the roof and break windows to ventilate the structure. We have mandatory fire and smoke detectors in our homes. Why not automatically opening smoke and heat vents? Vents could be added for less than the price a window or about the same cost of a skylight. Combined with modern fire retardant upholstery, fiberglass draperies, fire retardant carpeting, and bedding made of wool, or treated fabrics ...

Create a sealable and disposable filter pouch for drip or percolating coffee machines.

Most drip or percolating coffee machines have open filters that users pour coffee grounds into; however, once the coffee is made the used, wet coffee grounds in the used, wet filter pose a problem when throwing them away. If the user misses the trash can there's a huge, nasty mess to clean up.

Some coffee companies sell pre-packaged filter packs for coffee machines, which is a great idea, but what if the user wants to use their own "designer" coffee??? No such product exists.

It is expected the pouch would be made of the same filter paper currently in use for normal coffee machine filters; however, ...


Currently we are so dedicated to work, we have little or no time to spend with our baby girls or baby boys, we're also leading a sedentary life with harmful health effects, and when we got used to do exercise, we have to do it outside of the home.

This SHARING BIKE project was born with the idea of sharing QUALITY TIME with my little daughter Jamie. She likes so much movement up and down in the slot horses.

This SHARING BIKE is intended to do exercise at home with the bonus to SHARING QUALITY TIME with our children.

For purposes of business SHARING BIKE has two options:

1. Manufacture it.

2. Modify all existing static bikes.


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