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- Water purification is the process of removing undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases from contaminated water.

- Around 80 percent of diseases in India is caused by water-borne micro-organisms. According to a 2009 World Health Organization report,

The prewired chip carrier module package concept is for chip packaging without the need for a wire bonder. Instead you use a tweezers to insert the chip and then replace the cover under the chip from the bottom.

The Prong PocketPlug is the first mobile phone case featuring an integrated charger. The PocketPlug is optimally engineered to charge mobile phones in any standard electrical outlet without the use of charging cords or external battery packs. Instead,

The Problem
There are 50 million people just in the United States with various physical or cognitive challenges that greatly limit their ability to don their own footwear. Using traditional footwear causes wearers undue pain and suffering, or at the very least, are very inconvenient.

Identity theft is one of the worst and most detrimental crimes being committed today. It’s also one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. Once the criminals have your information they can destroy everything you worked for all your life.

The European Union Floods Directive defines a flood as the covering by water of land not which is normally uncovered by water. Some floods develop slowly while others like flash floods can develop in just a few minutes without much visible signs.

A through study and review embracing observed reports of several national tragedies, where guns were unauthorized to be used to perform acts of mass murders or to attempt to avoid capture after some other heinous acts and current security methods for stored and active weapons.

Saving Lives in Home Fires With Smoke, Heat, and Fresh Air Vents

 What kills people, who die in home fires? Poisonous gases in the smoke. What do firefighters do when they arrive at a burning home? Ventilate the house letting smoke and heat out and fresh air in.

Create a sealable and disposable filter pouch for drip or percolating coffee machines.

Most drip or percolating coffee machines have open filters that users pour coffee grounds into; however, once the coffee is made the used, wet coffee grounds in the used,


Currently we are so dedicated to work, we have little or no time to spend with our baby girls or baby boys, we're also leading a sedentary life with harmful health effects, and when we got used to do exercise,

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