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A Galactic Gravitomagnetic Lumina Scope is a Scope that utilizes special relativity and pico-lasers with rotating superconductors. It can also be on the sub atomic scale as well. The design image is enclosed it would be powered by fusion or anti-matter batteries to rotate the super conductor.

I built a Garden Cottage for my wife and she needed a way to store the rakes, shovels and other implements inside the shop. I first made a shelve that had holes to drop the tools in. It was too difficult to remove them.

GateKeeper is a Multipurpose Bluetooth Smart proximity tag that can Auto Lock and Unlock your computer, and keep track of valuables.

Many features, 1 device, and useful to everyone. A versatile Bluetooth 4.0 proximity tracker that performs item loss prevention, item locating,

The Guardian 2000 is a patented miniature water treatment plant that converts raw, contaminated, fresh water to a potable (drinkable) state. It sits on a 5ft. x 2ft footprint and stands 5ft tall.

Introducing the Healthiest Capsule on Earth!
Himalayan Salt Cleanses & Rejuvenates the Body
• Self-Automated Programs (18) / Natural Technologies (10)
A Purifying Cleansing Passive Workout!

Himalayan Salt Therapy or HaloFusion:
Salt therapy,


Times are ever changing and consumers are getting bored with their current electronics. Companies are constantly having to evolve their products to satisfy consumer demand. Eventually, times will evolve so that consumers are able to experience the holographic projector TV that has 3D capabilities.

Trend shows that the rate of road accidents increases during monsoon season. This
is because there is very little awareness on vehicle and driving precautions to be
taken before and during the monsoon. INDIA being situated in the tropical region,
receiving rain throughout the year.

Made mostly by high quality recycled materials & items for everyday use. This Floating Water Craft Device is Made Possible by the use of 2 Liter Bottles, Inflated to 40 psi and 12 on Each Side,

A common problem faced by homeowners is debris buildup in roof rain gutters. Addressing this issue requires manual removal of the debris which can be hazardous given the elevation that the work is done on a ladder.

Meet Modern Sprout, the cutting edge of countertop cultivation. Our stylish, self-sustaining indoor windowsill planters are outfitted with a top-feed hydroponic system that automatically waters and feeds plants, making them perfect for space conscious city dwellers, absent-minded gardeners and armchair agrarians.

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