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While great at holding a large number of books, bookshelves can make it hard for avid readers to locate a specific title. This is particularly true for older readers, who may strain themselves looking for a specific title,

The Instant Gusset (1) is an innovative retrofit connector that permanently connects intersecting structural members on a building, helping create homes that are stronger and more resistant to earthquakes and wind storms.

During an earthquake, the floor, wall, and roof diaphragms undergo shearing and bending.

The system is developed for the need of watering plants in the absence of people or less manpower .Also the system helps maintaining the appropriate amount of water required for the plants irrespective of the individuals. The system is based on Programmable logic Controllers commonly know as PLC.

KleenRite is not only meant for older, disabled population or people on wheelchairs to use as a Portable Bath/Shower Stall, it is also very convenient and useful for normal and working people to use it as a temporary bathroom/changing room in construction’s and camping, etc.,

Laptop Numpad

Laptop computers are becoming much more popular and will soon outnumber desktops if they don't already. However, a laptop is designed to be portable and therefore compromises are made. While a desktop keyboard has a number pad, most laptops do not in order to save space.

It is time that, for every human being, the medical history to be safely recorded and kept in computer files.

Every time I visit a doctor, he/she always asks about my medical history.

Losing a removable lid to a container can be frustrating. Using a garbage can as an example, the lid can be thrown away with the garbage, blown away by the wind, carried away by a dog, and lost by countless other ways.

LiFi communication has the potential of gigabits/sec data rate allowing much faster streaming of movies. It is also secure because light cannot penetrate walls. Only communication devices within illumination region can receive the data. However, there are drawbacks.

At home or at work, we often need to lift and transport large and heavy objects. We can ask our friends and co-workers to help us, rent a fork-lift, or even purchase an exoskeleton. All these options are inconvenient, expensive, and result in loss in productivity.

Chess is an intense battle of intelligence that requires great creativity, problem solving skills, foresight and risk assessment. As such, the game has become an iconic symbol of status and intellect.

Mate is a wall-hanging chessboard that symbolizes the creativity of the game.

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