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I have recently been traveling long distances on a fairly regular basis. I have found it to be reassuring to wear a clip-on light while walking in rest areas, and a product design opportunity for a personal security product came to mind.

Motorcycle such as a BMW C1 (Fig. 1) meets most requirements for under-served areas. It is affordable, fuel efficient, easy parking, weather resistant and with many other advantages but not safe enough compare to a four wheeler (automobile). A four wheeler is more stable than a two wheeler.

Do you still use matches, lighters or other high-heat devices? I feel it is time to create a device that is a bit more "with the times."

My invention is for a hand-held, rechargeable battery powered, high-heat device or "electric torch."

This is the H.E.R.T.

Honeybee Nano Bubbles® are designed to function as an all-natural dietary replacement for table sugar and artificial chemical sweeteners, such as powdered chemical compounds. The Honeybee Nano Bubbles® are produced using a 'NASA Spinoff' microencapsulation instrument and technology developed by Dr. Joseph A. Resnick for RMANNCO, Inc.

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Electrical power plants supply around 20% of their output for lighting. LED lighting can reduce this demand by around 80%, however this is not perfect. Driver efficiencies are typically 80-90% and low cost solutions often suffer from high flicker,

iBobber Castable Bluetooth Smart Fishfinder for Mobile Device
iBobber is the fish finder that syncs with your smart phone or tablet. From your first cast, there's a lot to love about iBobber.

Aid visually or hearing impaired users via Augmented Glasses (AG), WiFi, and GPS. Used with mobile devices - smartphones and tablets - to identify buildings, called Locations with this capability. AG or mobile devices allow hands-free or touch pad control to the system. Operates in two modes,

Radiant heating options in buildings (mainly in floors and ceilings) have been available for many years but have seen limited market penetration, though radiant floors are currently popular in some high-end new homes.

There are main causes for high rate for use of "pay and use toilet", are electric cost for water consumption of man; to clean toilet; clearing of skeptic tank. Insufficient of water is another problem at some where. Without compromising of water consumption, without increase electric cost,

Innovation dental flosser comprises a head, a housing, a spool, and a tail cap. Dental floss is wound on a spool that is placed inside the housing. A length of floss suspected by a fork on the head is used for flossing teeth.

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