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Summary: The BomBoard is the world’s only high performance jet board/jet ski transportable in the back of a car. The world’s lowest price of $3,995 makes it affordable to millions of action sports enthusiasts. Direct channel bypasses dealers and enables explosive growth.

This is the "Swiss Army Knife" of camping tools. In one unit it has an axe, shovel, pick, wood saw, hacksaw, pry bar and hammer. Pretty much every medium tool needed for camping.

The unit would be built using basic machine tools.

When you are shopping at the mall you generally avoid brittle items (glass items, pots) because you don’t have a good bag with you. Otherwise you will use multiple bags for multiple items. Tthis might increase space and number of bags and unfortunately waste.

My innovation is MACJAMES® MULTISURFACE DEGREASER/CLEANER. It is an economical multi-surface/multipurpose Household-Industrial-and-Institutional (HI&I) degreaser/cleaner that emulsifies and cleanses organic and inorganic dirt from various washable surfaces/substrates (metal, plastic, wood, concrete, rubber, PVC, ceramic, leather, rugs, fabric, etc) without harming them or health of users,

This is the first product of its type for smart snowboarding and skiing. NixLite adds a visual edge when you are riding down the mountain. The onboard gyroscope changes the color of LED Light strips depending on the speed and position of the snowboard.

The average household throws away $600 a year in spoiled food. As well lost work days due to illness caused by ingesting spoiled foods. The total cost of spoiled food and productivity can be many thousands per year.

Locally, unopened bags of bread can be mouldy within three days.

NASA seeks to license a patented non-toxic environmentally safe flame suppressant. The technology was developed at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) to replace KSCs current halon flame suppressants. Unlike halon, this invention is not only non-toxic but also does not deplete the ozone,

The Nooalf English-based international spelling system is a 100% phonetic system that can be learned within a month by children using the available picture/letter/sound charts. Literate adults can already read Nooalf spelling since it looks similar enough to traditional spelling in English, Spanish, Italian,

Nowadays natural resources such as natural oil, air, water, and gas are consumed in huge way in day by day and we lost and polluted these, causing environmental problems globally like heat waves and global warming. Everybody knows these
I have a global solution to save the energy, economically.

Competition Brief:
The standard computer mouse is outdated, boring, and has very limited functionality. Most mice don't feel comfortable to hold and feel cheap as well. When a mouse has buttons - there is a limit to the speed with which you can click,

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