Consumer Products

The DCLP, Digital Color Light Pen is a pen size tool for comparing Color using a digital number as reference. There are three implementations of this tool: (1) using a look-up chart to identify the color comparison,

Many consumer products are generating vibrations during their operation. For example a bean to cup coffee machine, a kitchen hood, a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner or a DVD projector. Often these vibrations cause noise emissions, e.g. if sound-emitting panels are excited.

Individual hard plastic (e.g. polycarbonate) or metal slabs with two parallel holes into which a matching size of mono filament line is inserted. The devices are sold in a stack with a spool of line inserted through one hole of the stack.

The Real-Time Electric Bill Monitor is a device that allows the house owner to know minute by minute the amount of money his Electric Bill will be as if it were billed in that very moment. The Electric Bill Monitor is not intended to measure the energy;

Electric cars have been around for quite some time now. Despite a few limitations such as the cap on top speed and the clumsy electric wires that are needed to charge the vehicle after use, it still has received a lukewarm response. With the increased clamour towards sustainable energy,

Among the most common complaints from passengers when onboard an aircraft are the lack of appropriate legroom and the constraining approach to meal/beverage delivery: trolley blocking aisles, meal service at a specific time, etc.

To help reduce these concerns,

New solution to the Sitting Disease.

Offices in the future will have done away with traditional desks and chairs because productivity will no longer be made at the expense of the workers' health

The Ergo Gym supports a semi-recline working posture.


This app will connect travelers with local events in the area. It is a social networking app in nature. It connects event posters/designers with crowds easily. This app is mobile based.

THE CONCEPTION - While doing yard work I needed the rake and dust pan to be one handed instruments for fulfilling the job. I needed to lift a large pile of leaves in a captured status to deposit into the waste can,

Design Brief:
To Design a product for children that can help strengthen their communication and interaction skills with family and friends

Target Persona:
Children ages 8-10 that are into outdoor activities and learning about nature but get sucked in at home by video games, tablets, and computers,

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