Consumer Products

Bridgefy is the technology that enables smart devices such as smartphones and tablets to communicate without Internet or SMS.

The primary target market is developing countries and regions with poor telecommunications infrastructure, such as Latin America and South East Asia – to name a few.

The Broadhead-Bullet is exactly what the name describes; the combination of both an arrow and a bullet into one firearm projectile that can be used in 12-gauge smoothbore shotguns without significant modification to the firearm.

Brush-Pick - “The Ultimate Oral Care”

The idea of Brush-Pick is an improved electric toothbrush with manually controlled or automatic water jet-stream. This product is 10 times more efficient for cleaning our teeth and gums than the regular electric toothbrush.

This new steerable recreational exercise sportcraft is a treadmill mounted between two floatation pontoons. When a person walks or runs on the treadmill, his motion ultimately propels the craft forward or backward with its 360 degree steerable propulsion.

Charging Mini Pad for Quadrocoper, Drones, Helicopters. Can be used for Security & Surveillance. To be mounted on top of buildings,

Most of the coffee mug warmers available in the market utilise resistive heating. These warmers can be used with ceramic mugs or outer-body stainless steel mugs. However these are unsuitable for stainless steel-mugs with plastic outer cover used for insulation. Furthermore, these warmers are inefficient;

The Tube 2 by Corvi LED makes up for all that the conventional florescent tube lacks. Tube 2 with its efficiency of 150 lumens per watt, uses one third of the energy in comparison with the fluorescent tube.

1. The idea involves a paradigm shift in expanding the corporate support of employee volunteering. This expanded support would have corporations donate a day’s worth of their best creative talent to address product solutions for the elderly and those coping with disabilities.

A fabricated band, tightens around crown of head on one end, and suspends overhead from hook, on other end. Suspending your entire body, stretching your spine, and strengthening your neck muscles, while totally relaxing, is the novelty of this invention. It would be applied at home,

'Can i get a glass please..!'.. comes in almost conversation when we go McDonald,KFC or any store to grab a bite..!
Here i have tried to come up with a simple, new,reliable and aesthetically sound product, "Crushed".

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