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Gun magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition are generally considered “high capacity” magazines. Laws in multiple states prohibit these high capacity magazines for civilian use. In order to still be able to carry a lot of ammunition,

Water is one of the important and life supporting resources and most of the drinking water supplied to homes is not done at proper timings in most of the cities, so most of the people are not able to get their share of water.

The Basketball Pick-Up (BP) Machine is designed and intended for three purposes:
1. As an assistive technology device for basketball players with special needs, who are dependent on moving around the court in wheel chairs during their training.

The Beacon Safety Light ( BSL) is being developed to aid in the evacuation of a structure fire. The statistics are staggering. Every year over 3000 people are killed in fires, many as a result of smoke inhalation, Another 17.000 are injured.

Currently in these times there are many issues that are obvious but for whatever reason the consumers ignore them.

One of these issues that keeps growing on a daily basis it the problem with disposable bottles of water made of plastic.

ABSTRACT: BIOPLASTICS or organic plastics are a form of plastics derived from renewable biomass sources, such as vegetable oil, corn/pea starch, Microbiota. Kanjivellam is ‘Malayalam’ word for the water (vellum) drained from boiled rice (kanji). Rice water is the suspension of starch obtained by draining boiled rice. Here,

As the population is increasing gradually the sanitary problems, problems related to supplying basic needs, is increasing fiercely.  In supply chains for supplying basic needs contains large number of and large distances of pipe lines circuit.

The most basic and biggest problems faced in this pipeline circuits are blockages.

The brain harmonizer is a coil that might be plugged into several types of pulsed magnetic field generators. The simplest form of brain harmonizer consists of a coil large enough to go around the head and is powered by a blinking LED triggering a MOSFET.

The Brewtube is a container for storing, transporting and dispensing home brew beer, craft beer, wine or other liquid contents for Tap delivery. It uses a sliding disc to create a variable volume container so that the contents are never exposed to the air during consumption.

Develop projects bricks with mechanical joints.
The official page is: facebook.com/cimturo

The innovation consists in removing and replacing mortar with sealing tape. The joints between the bricks are mechanical - with screws. Screws achieved verticality, combines and compresses. The pin carried horizontality.
Halves are needed,

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