The EyeOnRoad System intends to predict the road anomalies accurately and alerts the vehicles. This system introduces a new technique to detect road anomalies (bumps, potholes, cracks, expansion joints, patches, etc) automatically, using sensor fusion technique. This system integrates the road anomaly information with the existing navigation system which forecasts the distance, type & extent of the anomaly along with the recommended speed. The driver is suggested with an alternate route to avoid the road anomalies. With the road anomaly information and traffic density, the accurate travel time can be estimated. This system obtains the live updates (using sensory data) automatically via Cloud- Internet of things. This concept is applicable for multiple platforms, which includes In-Car navigation system and ...

Electric motorcycles are plug-in electric vehicles with two or three wheels powered by electricity. The electricity is stored on board in a rechargeable battery, which drives one or more electric motors. Electric bikes are an ecofriendly way of transportation. As there is ever growing population and pollution, it is important to control it, hence it is very necessary to GO GREEN using a zero emissive vehicle. Our main objective is to design a vehicle which is ecofriendly (non emission of pollutants) and economic as well. The weight of an electric bike is much less when compared to a commercial bike, plus the amount of toxins released into the atmosphere is completely avoided. The initial cost and the maintenance is ...

In this project we aim at storing and utilising the energy which is generally wasted in the form of heat, during braking action of vehicle. When brakes are applied, heat is generated, but this energy can be utilised in some form. There are various systems available to to store and utilise this energy. But all these systems first convert the mechanical form of energy to other forms of energy and then utilise it.
We have proposed a system which stores the mechanical energy itself and utilise this energy during pick-up of the vehicle.

Pair of C.V.T Pulleys (Continuously Variable Transmission)
Pulley Belts
Pneumatic Wrench

It is clear from the Diagram attached ...


From the moment automated vehicles stepped out of science fiction and into a possible future means of transportation, they have been the focus of media attention and research efforts around the world. Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), infrasonic sensors, and other sensing technology will play an increased role in vehicle systems of the future, both for guidance and safety. However, while improved connectivity between the vehicle and driving environment provides many benefits, the synergy of these systems also posits a challenge – data security.

Current technologies rely upon sensing redundancy, and return system control to the user upon perceived anomalies in the data. However, if the information being fed to the system has been spoofed by ...

This concept is the solution for short distance mobility of person and load (packages…) without noise in urban areas. The target of this product is to be used for leisure transportation in closed sites (circuit paddock, golf courses, airports…) and/or urban areas by individuals for their daily commuting but also by courier to deliver packages in buildings. It is an adaptable vehicle that could be used by disabled people since a wheeling chair can be loaded on it.

It is a fun and light vehicle (15 kg or 33 lbs) that will allow the driver to feel good sensations in closed circuit. It maximum speed is 25 km/h (15 mph).

The innovative idea of this concept is not only ...

Road crashes are a leading cause of deaths each year, with an average of 3,290 deaths a day, totaling to 1.3 million deaths each year, worldwide. In the U.S. alone, there are over 37,000 deaths due to road crashes each year, with an additional 2.35 million people who are injured or disabled. Per annum, this roughly costs $231 billion.

Of the crashes that occur, approximately 84% of these crashes occurred due to the driver experiencing a medical emergency, such as a seizure, as reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The NHTSA also reported that “drivers with crashes precipitated by medical emergencies were more likely ...to be more severely injured or to die as a result ...

I want to draw your attention to my invention, "apparatus for water supply to the internal combustion engines, " Gruzpatent" GE P 2005 3525 B. 04.11.2003. AP 2004 3577 A F 02 M 25/02. which significantly improves the economical/environmental performance of internal combustion engines. The basis of the invention lies in the water supply to the combustion chamber as a low-temperature vapor.

There are different ways of supplying water into the engines. The effectiveness of water supply to the combustion process has been confirmed for a long time, but existing methods are complex, costly, and require a systematic qualified service.

In this case, a method of supplying an internal combustion engine, a low-temperature saturated steam and ...

Normally all the four wheeled vehicles and heavy trucks have a steering system connected only to the front axle. My design is to have a system that connects both the front and rear axles, therby steering all the wheels of a car or heavy truck. The main benefit of this system is that it reduces the turning radius by around 30% (theoretical) than the conventional two wheeled steering. This can be made available n the existing vehicles depending on the need. This system is most suitable for transportation trucks which sometimes need to be driven through the city. By having a reduced turning radius, vehicle manoeuvrability is improved. The only disadvantage of this system is that it can be ...

Currently in Brazil, many injuries and casualties occur due to wrong side overtaking, by reckless behavior on the part of several drivers. Estimates show more than 20,000 accidents with 987 deaths and aproximately 12,000 injured people. Brazil has small amout of roads with central separation; most of the roads are two way roads, with environment relief and road tracing that makes the scenario even more complicated.

Treating the behavior depends on several cultural changes, and law implementation, but actually this will not resolve the humam factor.

Engiineering and Design can treat the behavior by warning the inadvertent driver, that will suffer by the act of the mistaken driver, giving him time to react and take his car ...


The Frugal 5 Cycle engine design solves the 120 plus year old goal of combustion at constant volume, which is the most efficient way to combust the air/fuel mixture in a piston driven internal combustion engine.

With true constant volume combustion, the piston reaches top dead center at the end of the compression stroke and then is allowed to dwell at that position until the air/fuel mixture is completely burned.

The piston dwell is accomplished by having a constant radius section on both of the cams allowing the piston to dwell while the cam-stack continues to rotate. A typical dwell period is about 30 rotational degrees of the cam-stack. (Cam-stack and rocker arm replace the ...

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