The designs are from a pen and paper and a little technical work for suspension and vehicle outer shell designs These designs are what I have envisioned, invented, and sculpted to hopefully stand out to you the viewer. The designs viewed closely may be useful to your job or business. theses are ideas I have had to follow up with the sensational AWD Butterfly the first. These designs have the interesting potential to set trends and standards in the business of automobiles. Enjoy!

Those First examples in the image windows is for a truck and convertible bodies design that are creations for the future trends that could exist. The truck cargo bed is at an incline for air flow such ...

These designs are to create the future, while maintaining mechanical engineering importance. I posted these ideas out there to get recognition of some important concepts. There is an AWD Butterfly project, in 3D CAD art, that I did for this contest in 2012; and an AWD Butterfly 2 project, that I did earlier for 2016. These are basically just Ideas, I have had over my lifespan, that I also use when I write to automotive companies as a portfolio.

First, allow me to explain the images sequentially. image 1 is of a Body/frame in one, with a closed top vehicle that folds it's suspension at the center core of the width wide wheel's wheelbase. This is a new take ...

Rickshaws play an important role in the era of transportation, especially in developing countries like India. It is very popular because it is cheap and can be used in congested places full of traffic.

Most of the rickshaws are run by men coming from backward rural areas.They usually keep their families in the villages because of the obvious reason that daily expenses in cities are much higher as compared to villages. The biggest problem they face after coming to cities is accommodations. They work 12-15 hours a day and in dire need of rest, they usually stay in shared rental spaces. These places are unhygienic and put up a significant burden on their pocket as well. In a ...

The main aim of our project is to provide help as fast as possible at the time an accident occurs. The system placed within car keeps on watching speed of the car with the help of an attached tachometer. In case of any collision or accident situation, an ultrasonic sensor is attached with the system. If a sudden decrease in speed happens and ultrasonic sensed the collision, the situation is detected as the accident occurs. The system determines the location of the accident and sends an SMS to police, hospital, family members with the ...

Blind Spot by Bluetooth (BSB)
Registered Patent No.: 2013.10. 501
Inventor: Eng. Khaled Elnems

It is View by mobile the blind spot (vehicle rear) by Bluetooth alarm system control installed (Device in the rear sides for vehicle wheels) with self- power (charger Movement by wheels)), belonging to the vehicle safe driving device technology. Technical solution that contains in the rear sides for vehicle wheels.

The advantages that: only installed Bluetooth transmitter Device in the rear sides for vehicle wheels, self- power (because it is powered by moving wheels charger), no drilling, wiring, change car circuit; easy to install, can be installed by the owners themselves, without professional; low cost, the cost of less than 10 ...

My Concept is a Hybrid Sailboat/Submersible that uses a combination of traditional sail technology, combined with the biologically inspired swimming of large animals such as whales and fish. Whether it's a speedboat or a cargo ship, almost all marine transportation uses propellers as the main means of propulsion. While they are remarkable efficient, they unfortunately produce a lot of micro bubbles which form in their wake, which create a lot of sonic noise underwater which can have profound effects on animals like whales or dolphins who are sensitive to this type of noise disruption.

Companies like Festo create mechanical systems which are biologically inspired to push the technological envelope of conventional flying, walking, and swimming robotics and automation systems. ...

The problem

We are at the beginning of an era of transport revolution, in which home deliveries will be mainly carried out by drones. However, the battery capacity of drones sets a geographic limit on the reachable areas.

The solution

Imagine your drone making a delivery. When the battery is running out of charge, just send it to the nearest BluNet station and let our auto-pilot take care of its landing. The drone is charged by simply lying on our station. Finally, you get it back when already in the air, ready for the next shipment. Our service allows you to release any constraint on the warehouse location and to substantially extend the coverage area of your delivery service.


American interstates account for ~23% of all passenger miles traveled a year, ~$82.5 billion in consumer gasoline purchases, ~$66 billion in federal and state construction and maintenance, ~$82.5 billion in vehicle depreciation and ~6,000 deaths a year.

Proposed Solution:

Install 'light' rail on the interior lanes of different sections of the US interstate network, beginning with long rural sections and expanding to more complicated urban interstates. Construct a series of loading and unloading stations where regular vehicles can pull on and off of specially constructed sleds that clamp the vehicle wheels in place. The sled is then propelled down the rails at speeds of ~100 mph to the next station.

Example of Use:

-A family is traveling on a vacation and see ...

Two factors are leading automakers to reduce the weight of their automobiles. In 2025 the US CAFE standards for fuel economy for light vehicles such as passenger cars is 54.5 mpg. In addition Green House Gas (GHG) and CO2 emission regulations are forcing automakers to look at electric powertrains which are heavier than internal combustion engines. “Lightweighting” is one method auto makers are investigating to meet the fuel economy, GHG and CO2 requirements in their vehicles. Lightweighting is the substitution of stronger, lighter weight materials for standard automotive sheet steels. Ford recently introduced a Ford F-150 pickup truck that uses aluminum alloys in a large number of parts to reduce vehicle weight and improve fuel economy.

Aluminum alloys have ...

Castrol reinvents the oil change with NEXCEL: the revolutionary technology that makes oil changes quick, smart and simple.

The NEXCEL system is a sealed oil cell that contains both the engine oil and the oil filter, which means it can be easily removed and replaced by hand, a process that takes just 90 seconds. The sealed oil cell ensures that used oil is collected and handled safely facilitating enhanced recycling and reuse of the waste oil into high quality lubricants through a dedicated re-refining process. For the road cars of tomorrow, NEXCEL aims to provide three benefits:

1. Reduced tailpipe carbon dioxide emissions
2. Simplification of vehicle servicing
3. Improvement of vehicle environmental sustainability

Emissions: Castrol has demonstrated that NEXCEL delivers ...

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