The designs are from a pen and paper and a little technical work for suspension and vehicle outer shell designs These designs are what I have envisioned, invented, and sculpted to hopefully stand out to you the viewer.

These designs are to create the future, while maintaining mechanical engineering importance. I posted these ideas out there to get recognition of some important concepts. There is an AWD Butterfly project, in 3D CAD art, that I did for this contest in 2012; and an AWD Butterfly 2 project,

Rickshaws play an important role in the era of transportation, especially in developing countries like India. It is very popular because it is cheap and can be used in congested places full of traffic.

Most of the rickshaws are run by men coming from backward rural areas.

The main aim of our project is to provide help as fast as possible at the time an accident occurs. The system placed within car keeps on watching speed of the car with the help of an attached tachometer. In case of any collision or accident situation,

Blind Spot by Bluetooth (BSB)
Registered Patent No.: 2013.10. 501
Inventor: Eng. Khaled Elnems

It is View by mobile the blind spot (vehicle rear) by Bluetooth alarm system control installed (Device in the rear sides for vehicle wheels) with self- power (charger Movement by wheels)),

My Concept is a Hybrid Sailboat/Submersible that uses a combination of traditional sail technology, combined with the biologically inspired swimming of large animals such as whales and fish. Whether it's a speedboat or a cargo ship, almost all marine transportation uses propellers as the main means of propulsion.

The problem

We are at the beginning of an era of transport revolution, in which home deliveries will be mainly carried out by drones. However, the battery capacity of drones sets a geographic limit on the reachable areas.

The solution

Imagine your drone making a delivery.


American interstates account for ~23% of all passenger miles traveled a year, ~$82.5 billion in consumer gasoline purchases, ~$66 billion in federal and state construction and maintenance, ~$82.5 billion in vehicle depreciation and ~6,000 deaths a year.

Two factors are leading automakers to reduce the weight of their automobiles. In 2025 the US CAFE standards for fuel economy for light vehicles such as passenger cars is 54.5 mpg.

Castrol reinvents the oil change with NEXCEL: the revolutionary technology that makes oil changes quick, smart and simple.

The NEXCEL system is a sealed oil cell that contains both the engine oil and the oil filter, which means it can be easily removed and replaced by hand,

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