The transport sector in many developing nations is one of randomness and unpredictability while also being dynamic and innovative. Public transport in most developing nations is comprised of buses, minivans and rickshaws. The fares for these vehicles vary based on 

Increasingly environmental issues highlight the contribution of automotive vehicles in the emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In the automotive market, actions to curb this effect focus on more stringent emission limits and significant investments to support the development of alternative technologies to the internal combustion engine,

The project is under - working drawings.
The next stage - production and testing of prototypes.
1. Changing the design of the head unit existing engine.
Result - 2x magnification power without increasing fuel consumption.
Reducing the number of parts,

Electro-mechanical Brake Caliper

The primary application for the caliper is an electric vehicle where the majority of braking will use the regenerative action of the traction motor. The mechanism is composed of a permanent magnet brushless DC motor, roller clutch, acme screw,

Electric folding bike

The convenience of an electric motor on folding bike encourage us to take longer, more efficient bicycle trips without the consideration and fear in having to pedal all the way back. According to the 2009 National Household Travel Survey,

This program will collaborate with the skilled automotive technicians in Cuba to convert the hundreds of vintage American vehicles in the region from the 1950s to electric drivetrains, while maintaining their historic exterior bodies and interiors.

I have taken the Self Rotating Wing & Applied Today's Tech. to the Concept! Not Only have I Improved it by Replacing Blades with Elec. Self,Propelled,Full Size Wings! I have a Neck Injury which Limited Me to Building an R/C Version as a Demonstrator.

Electric vehicle charging stations are very low in quantities and locations all over the USA. Many of these charging stations are only for specific vehicles such as Tesla Vehicles. However,

This design is to add alternators or a charging mechanism to the axles of electric or hybrid vehicles, so that all four wheels can contribute to the system battery charging when moving.

Electrical powered Treadmill bike is the collaboration of two commodities i.e. Treadmill and electric bike. Treadmill is a device widely used for exercising purpose to stay fit and healthy. Treadmill machines are able to eliminate impact force and adapt to dynamics of human motion.

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