The transport sector in many developing nations is one of randomness and unpredictability while also being dynamic and innovative. Public transport in most developing nations is comprised of buses, minivans and rickshaws. The fares for these vehicles vary based on a lot of factors but there is a large component that is due to the whims of the driver and conductor. Fares are never stable and uniform across regions, routes and times. One can pay 1USD for a ride that is 10km and on another route it could be 1USD for a 5is 0km ride. Additionally, the vehicle owners face threats of theft, murder, extortion and harassment by police personnel. All this means the revenue returns are never constant nor predicable. ...

Increasingly environmental issues highlight the contribution of automotive vehicles in the emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In the automotive market, actions to curb this effect focus on more stringent emission limits and significant investments to support the development of alternative technologies to the internal combustion engine, as plug-in electric vehicles. Moreover, studies indicate that the internal combustion engine does not have a date to become obsolete, due to new technologies developed for increased efficiency, as for instance, engine downsizing. Another potential alternative is na increased adoption of Stop-Start Vehicles (SSV), which allows the functionality of automatic stops and starts of the internal combustion engine. The reduction in fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in heavy traffic of ...

The project is under - working drawings.
The next stage - production and testing of prototypes.
1. Changing the design of the head unit existing engine.
Result - 2x magnification power without increasing fuel consumption.
Reducing the number of parts, weight and size of the head and the engine block.
2. Production of the new engine.
Torque 6100 Nm at 100 rev / min.
Power 5000kwt / 10000 rev / min.
Engine weight - 57 kg.
Maximum speed - 20 000 rev / min
Dimensions 870 x 440 x 440 mm.

Shehter Pavel
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Eco-friendly, multi-fuel, valveless, camless, internal combustion engine.
The engine consumes all fuels - petrol, diesel, ...

Electro-mechanical Brake Caliper

The primary application for the caliper is an electric vehicle where the majority of braking will use the regenerative action of the traction motor. The mechanism is composed of a permanent magnet brushless DC motor, roller clutch, acme screw, and compound wedges to mechanically activate the pistons in the caliper. The mechanical advantage of the acme screw and wedges allows for a small DC motor with low current draw. The roller clutch is used as a take up mechanism to compensate for pad ware in the same manner as hydraulic fluid in a conventional hydraulic caliper. Wedge angle, screw and motor torque can be used to calculate braking force to allow a single ...

Electric folding bike

The convenience of an electric motor on folding bike encourage us to take longer, more efficient bicycle trips without the consideration and fear in having to pedal all the way back. According to the 2009 National Household Travel Survey, half of all trips in the US are less than 3 miles.

Unlike other traditional bicycles, folding e-bikes are the easiest to get acquainted with. All we need is to take it out in an open space and go with the flow of riding it with thrill and passion.

One of the biggest reasons consumers have for owning a folding bike is the portability and ease of storage. We can easily fold the ...

This program will collaborate with the skilled automotive technicians in Cuba to convert the hundreds of vintage American vehicles in the region from the 1950s to electric drivetrains, while maintaining their historic exterior bodies and interiors. Today most of these vehicles are operating on their 3rd or 4th gasoline or diesel engine drivetrains procured from Russia, Korea, and Japan. The program will also provide solar-based charging stations to supplement the intermittent electrical grid available in the target urban regions. Conversion of the vehicles, and assembly and installation of the solar infrastructure will be performed by local Cuban personnel, in conjunction with US collaborators. This will bring valuable training to Cuba while also reducing their dependency on foreign oil products.

The ...

I have taken the Self Rotating Wing & Applied Today's Tech. to the Concept! Not Only have I Improved it by Replacing Blades with Elec. Self,Propelled,Full Size Wings! I have a Neck Injury which Limited Me to Building an R/C Version as a Demonstrator. Only Tested 3 Times with Pitch problems on 1 & 2. But, It Lifted on #3 as a Wing Motor mount Failed. Vid. 4 Should be Much better. With Slightly Bigger Wings & Beefed up Motor mounts. Viis. of 1st. 3 Tests can be seen on Twitter, You Tube & on My Facebook Page. I'm Hoping to Upscale & Use any Small E.V. as a Cockpit/Power supply. It will make a Great UAV Lifting more ...

Electric vehicle charging stations are very low in quantities and locations all over the USA. Many of these charging stations are only for specific vehicles such as Tesla Vehicles. However, other non- Tesla electric vehicles could not have access to these charging stations because of the inlet plugs and the outlet cables being different. I am suggesting to create a variety of plastic adapters that can be mounted between the different inlets and outlets. Imagine driving any kind of electric vehicle and being able to charge that vehicle at any charging station, without the worry about the charging plug not fitting your specific vehicle. (Images provided are samples of inlets and ...

This design is to add alternators or a charging mechanism to the axles of electric or hybrid vehicles, so that all four wheels can contribute to the system battery charging when moving. The alternators or charging mechanisms could either be designed as part of the axle or used with a belt or chain/drive system as separate ...

Electrical powered Treadmill bike is the collaboration of two commodities i.e. Treadmill and electric bike. Treadmill is a device widely used for exercising purpose to stay fit and healthy. Treadmill machines are able to eliminate impact force and adapt to dynamics of human motion. This mechanism developed has been designed to alleviate impact on joints while closely simulating the gait cycle. Electric bike is one which uses electrical energy as primary source of energy.

Treadmill bike gives you the joy of riding the bike and running over a treadmill. As it is a portable vehicle, it will let you to go for a jog without getting your shoes dirty. Treadmill bike eliminates the problem of overnight charging ...

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