Cell phone with breathe analyzer, US Patent 8,560,010 utility patent, is designed to test a driver's breathe for alcohol before driving a vehicle.

It works by breathing or speaking into the phone before driving. The first screen you enter phone numbers of people you should not call while you have been drinking. Ex-spouse or girlfriends, family members, your boss, certain friends and acquaintances, co- workers , ect. Then save it.

The second screen you put in phone numbers of people you should call after drinking, a friend or family member, or a cab. Then save it.

The third screen shows your blood alcohol content and when you are over the legal limit to drive.

And finally it won't let ...

Today's city buses were built on standard chassis of automotive commercial vehicle manufacturers, they were meant for carrying goods and other applications. Hence city roads are occupied with bulky and space occupying structures. Quite often they might be plying with less than 50% occupancy. Besides polluting.

The ideal City Bus should be smaller, carry the same load of large bus, fuel efficient, flexible and easily manageable.

I come out with an idea of building a bus made up of 2 carriages, they are attachable and detachable.

Please review the illustrations which are self ...

Currently there are over 1.25 billion units on the road (0.32 billion in the USA), a minimum of 5 billion brakes or 10 billion pads. In addition the industry manufactures around 90 million units per year which represents around 400 million brakes. All these deposit debris to the surroundings. The vehicle numbers represent the market potential for this design.

Dust is an environmental and health concern. The “Brake Pad Partnership” concluded that some 50% of brake dust becomes airborne and estimated that 580 tons of copper/year finds its way into California waterways - recommending “source control” rather than water treatment. European research estimates that brake wear will contribute up to 55% of non-exhaust air pollution from vehicles. The particle ...

Automobile collision can result in serious injury and loss of life, as well as costly damage to vehicles and other property. My invention mitigates collision impacts to protect the Vehicle from damage and its Passengers from harm. A Vehicle absorbs destructive impact energy when it collides with another vehicle or a fixed object, including a head-on collision with another vehicle.

My invention transfers collision impact energy from the Vehicle's Bumper structures to a mechanical System, diverting and absorbing most of the destructive kinetic energy.

Impact energy to the Vehicle is received by the front or rear Bumpers of the Vehicle, or from side impacts to the doors via Load Spreaders. The Energy Transfer and Absorption Units (ETAs) will be ...

CTL Engineering of Lugano, Switzerland, has designed and realized a running prototype of a compact, modular Atkinson cycle engine (currently patent pending). This engine is entirely based upon well proven technologies, supporting a quick and cheap way into the industrialized production.

The benefit of Atkinson cycle is the higher efficiency when compared to the Otto cycle (up to 20%) thanks to the expansion stroke exceeding the compression stroke, this allows to extract more energy from the hot gas before the exhaust phase. A high efficiency is delivered already at relatively low compression ratios: this is an advantage when low octane number fuels are used. Furthermore low compression ratios reduce maximum temperatures, improving the lifespan of hot engine components.


To Provide a Wheelchair :

-Which is manufactured using off the shelf parts (keeps costs low, parts available everywhere, serviceable anywhere ).

-Which reduces user’s dependency on others for his/ her day to day household activities to the maximum extent.

Our Product

Manufactured using off the shelf parts (Mostly Bicycle Parts + Car Screw Jack) – Helps in keeping costs low, Bicycle Parts and Car Screw jack available everywhere and can be repaired by any roadside mechanic.

Product Capabilities

-Ability to stand & reach objects beyond reach :
Provided using screw jack assisted standing mechanism.

-Ability to move in standing position :
Provided using a chain-sprocket & lever drivetrain mechanism.

-Ability to easily shift to and ...

Current Scenario of fossil fuel-
The life of fossil fuels left in the world is as follows- Oil- 32 years, Coal- 107 years, Gas- 37 years. These alarming statistics provoke us to ponder and develop some new technologies that will reduce the consumption of these fuels. Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles are one of them.

Main Aim-
To reduce the use of crude oil and to use the energy which gets wasted in the form of heat using hydraulic hybrid drive-train.

The Novelty-
• Currently the Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles use the energy wasted in braking.
• In this paper, we propose an idea of using the energy wasted in suspension with the energy recovered from regenerative ...

The world today is concerned about saving the environment. Everywhere measures have been taken up to reduce pollution. Major amount of air pollution is caused by vehicle running on roads. They contribute to most of the air pollution hence engineers today focus on building an eco-friendly engine which can reduce the pollution caused by vehicles. A big milestone in this process can be the engine working on compressed air. A compressed air engine works on air as fuel to drive the pistons and produces mechanical output without causing any harm to the environment. The engine takes in compressed air instead of using traditional fuels such as petrol, diesel etc. Here this compressed air engine takes the intake of air ...

THE-PUMA is innovative transportation that considers the welfare of people and the environment. In this transportation system capsules circulate through high and safe rails. The innovation is the displacement system for the capsules to be forwarded to the station or leaving without interrupting the movement of the capsules.

Furthermore the capsules would have a human and propulsion system with an electric motor assisted that allow the user to exercise while transported . This would allow the user first instance , breaking the sedentary lifestyle and would be beneficial to your health. Secondly it also helps reduce pollution levels have driven alternative energy capsules which elevated tracks would move in helping to reduce traffic.

On the other hand, these ...

The CVL comprises of 2 Constant velocity joints at two ends and a variable length shaft in between.

The varying shaft comprises of two parts, one with external spline on a rod and a female hollow pipe with internal spline.

The external spline rod gets entwined with the female internal splined pipe by sliding inside it and the splines entwined helps to transmit torque.

The splines help to transmit torque and both the parts can slip in and out guided by the splines.

As the tyre travels along a bump up/down the distance between the transmission and tyre changes,the shaft changes its length too.

As distance reduces between tyre and transmission, the external splined ...

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