Cars – vehicles:-
- Did they tell you CVT is forbidden from F1 races because of its performance?
- So why isn't it in super cars?
- FST (Flow Shifting Transmission) is multi belt CVT.
- FST is more than 12 years of R&D, 10 experimental models.
- FST is made to contain all the advantage required in a transmission without the deficiencies.
- FST is electronic automatic, foil economy, fast acceleration, low cost as manual and Easy maintenance … how come?
- Let me tell you first way other transmissions can’t have all combined.

Manual transmission:-
For shifting you need to
1- Disengage the clutch
2- Release the previous shift
3- Attach the ...

Furai is a concept future Le Mans racer. The idea with this project is to use 'salt water' to power the car. Its an idea that has already been put into practice with passenger cars but never on this global race stage. The goal behind this project was to create something aerodynamic but also cutting edge in its aesthetics and environmental impact.

An electrochemical reaction is used to power the car. Created by combining two liquids with metallic salts acting as the electrolyte. These solutions are then pumped through a fuel cell towards an anode or cathode electrode. This would in theory create the electricity that is then forwarded to super capacitors within the vehicle. The car would carry ...

The Gemini Electric Motor & Generator was awarded top 100 Entries in 2015 contest for the rotating electric motor & generator, but there are other uses for the technology, including as a linear electric motor, for the usual linear electric applications, but this entry is focused on Light Rail and High Speed Rail applications. The easiest way to understand a linear electric motor is to think of a rotary electric motor that has been cut along radial plane and unrolled. The revolutionary and yet simple design of the Gemini Linear Electric Motor promises to become the world’s most efficient, and the industry standard. The Gemini Linear Electric Motor produces optimum forward motion power and torque by using both sides ...

The idea of this project is to utilise the waste thermal energy (heat energy) being generated in automobiles. It involves the trapping of heat energy being generated from the heat source in the vehicle and converting it to electrical energy which can be used for many appliances. The heat energy and the temperature from the heat source is sensed by the thermocouple and is converted to electrical energy by a device called a Thermoelectric Generator which works on the seebeck effect. The electric potential produced in the thermoelectric generator is boosted by the converter thereby increasing the magnitude of voltage, required for charging the battery. Further, the battery is connected to run the auxiliary appliances in the system. Thus ...

Nearly 7 billion hours of delay and more than 3 billion gallons of fuel were wasted in 2015 due to traffic congestion in the U.S., a significant portion of which is due to delays at traffic signals. Researchers at the University of California at Riverside, the Federal Highway Administration, and Leidos, Inc. have developed “GlidePath”, an intelligent driver assistance system that uses signal phase and timing information (SPaT) from upcoming traffic signals to determine the best driving speed profile to pass through the intersections.

In the near future, vehicles will be able to receive real-time SPaT information from traffic signals in many U.S. cities through some form of connectivity such as localized broadcast by the traffic signals or cellular ...

Our research and personal experiences in rural India gave a common insight; where all the underserved area in India are facing poor road condition and connectivity issues. Hence no medical accessibility during emergency. These lead to other social issues. The underserved region majorly consists of the farmers.

Therefore we focused to work towards farming (their major source of livelihood) and medical attention. This could improve their standard of living and ways to travel. So the vehicle had to be simple to manufacture and low running cost. The vehicle must also be modular to be a farm vehicle which could also serve as an emergency vehicle for nearby areas. The vehicle can also be used as a taxi during ...

Nowadays, developing safety systems of the vehicles is important due to the increasing rate of accidents. As a solution, the trend of biometric sensor based vehicle safety systems has developed. In the case of physical incapability of the driver, the situation is identified by heart pulse sensor and information is fed into a microcontroller. Based on the situation, a proportional force is applied on the brake pedal. When the driver returns to the appropriate physical conditions, brake pedal was totally released and facilitates the manual control of the brake. Heart pulse rate is different among individuals and therefore the heart pulse rate of the driver is taken as initial input. The heart pulse rate is continuously monitored and current ...

My idea would be to use helium cooling to cool intake air for an automotive engine to cool intake air for turbo, supercharger, or standard induction.

The cooling device would be a series of radiator like rings that would gradually ascend (or descend) in size as air goes thru inlet and is cooled to an almost liquid like state for superior combustion using less fuel

The helium would of course expand as it exchanged heat with air and would have to be re-compressed in one or more ways:

1) The expanding helium could drive turbine that would compress helium on other side

2) A turbine connected to exhaust could drive a compressor

3 ) The helium pump could be engine ...

The Helixator technology has been developed in the last years to provide architects and city planners a new tool for designing cities. It is a highly flexible escalator system that allows construction of escalators in any given geometry, including strait, curved and helical escalators.

The idea to build such escalator systems is not new. It started appearing in science fiction novels, with first built attempts as early as the nineteenth century, followed by numerous patents and installations throughout the twentieth century. Yet no system has proven viable or effective to successfully commercialize.

The Helixator technology intends to change all that, with a new approach to design, and the use of contemporary CAD and 3D printing tools. The core assumption in ...

The H.O.G (Hydrogen Oxygen generator) is made by a computerized milling machine, and human labor as it is manually hand fitted together. It is composed of 316L stainless steel, acrylic, and electronic controller which converts water into hydrogen in able to prevent smog that cars are emitting. Smog as we all know is made up of atmospheric pollutants which are harmful to people, animals and mother earth itself, so I made use of electrolysis and made an electronic device which is a HHO cell for it with a PWM Pulse Width Modulator controller that is being fed into cars for better performance and cleaner exhaust.

Beneficial to car owners for it can help the longevity of engine life, ...

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