DelfJet is an emergency water scooter special created for lifeguards. The idea of this project started from the need to save the lives of people in danger of involuntary drowning, and to shorten the time of the emergency intervention in these situations.

In usage emission free hybrid motorcycle where the vehicle is moved with hydraulic pressure, which again is produced by electric-motor-driven hydraulic pump. After first simulations this system would achieve >8h autonom net driving time withot need to fill either electric accu or hydraulic accu.

This is an energy-efficient means of transferring oxygen and methane from a gas phase into an aqueous solution using an array of 16 “U-Tubes” in a “Loop Reactor” for production of butanol automotive and aviation liquid fuel.

Side mirrors are extremely common and mounted on any car, whether it is new or old. They are not among the optional features of a vehicle, mostly because their importance is vital for the driver’s safety. Their main purpose is to reflect the back of the car.

The Orbital Engine was invented by John Patrick Ettridge from South Australia in 1969. His Provisional patent No.22884/70 has a priority date of 3rd December 1969 and Australian patent number 474336. This patent covered the use of two crankshafts geared to rotate together,

The transportation sector is responsible for approximately 25% of greenhouse gas emissions and for hundreds of thousands of deaths from pollution every year. The need for zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) is obvious and urgent. The electric vehicle (EV) market continues to develop,

This research presents an innovative application of evaporative cooling to provide thermal comfort in the cabin of slow and medium speed vehicles. Conventionally vapor compression refrigeration systems are used for air conditioning in automobiles which account for significant fuel/energy consumption under high cooling loads. Additionally,

Design concept of this project is simple: to reduce exhaust emission & satisfy emission norms in INDIA. Device contains one cylinder, one filter & two pipe connections -- one to connect exhaust silencer to cylinder & another to cylinder to open air.

Abstract: The internal combustion engine (ICE) has been the key to powering our society for the past century however spiralling fuel costs, emissions regulations and uncertainty surrounding foreign oil dependency has resulted in ever more stringent rules and regulations regarding the fuel consumption of engines.

For all cars, I introduced a patented Extra Spotlights with Xenon or Laser Lamps to strengthen and increase the power of lighting used now, with no interference of the driver's vision, to stop accidents at night. The World Health Organization issued a report in 2014 placing Egypt  first in 

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