First, the system is installed in the predicted place on the ceiling fan. Then, the tank is filled with water. In this position, the inlet gate/valve leading to the straw compartment must be closed (the scale is set to zero) since water pressure would pressurize this gate/valve.

Cell phone with breathe analyzer, US Patent 8,560,010 utility patent, is designed to test a driver's breathe for alcohol before driving a vehicle.

It works by breathing or speaking into the phone before driving.

Charging a mobiles through plug-in to the wall is a traditional technique used to charge the mobile battery. Mobile charger is used to convert 230v to 5v/1A for charging the mobile phones hence to charge mobile phones via normal mobile charger; 230v supply plug point is needed.

Researchers at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center have developed a new approach for putting satellites and other payloads into space that will revolutionize the commercial launch services market. Capitalizing on the advantages achieved by releasing payloads in midair rather than launching them from the ground,

In the time of digital world, there are many part of the world which still do not know what is a computer and how to operate it? The main reason is many people cannot afford it.

I have developed a computer system which includes: 

Nowadays, there are many types of automotive safety accessories that have been created by automotive engineers due to the technology development. Although many safety accessories are available in automobiles, accidents still occur every day. One of the issues is child safety aboard public transportation.

When working at The Home Depot I often had to caution children away from the cable cutters. Too many times I saw children putting their fingers near the jaws of the cutter and the moving the handles.

Chipper Shredder Description

Ref: Low Speed High Torque Chipper Shredder Machine, Patent 7070132 assigned to Max P. Gassman. Patent was originally assigned to Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc.; WebSites: http://www.chippershredderdevelopment.info/sitemap/

Chitin is second only to cellulose as the most abundant naturally occurring polymer on Earth, a polysaccharide produced by living organisms, including crustaceans, insects, and, importantly, fungi. Chitin is a homopolymer of acetyl-glucosamine. Chitosan is a “de-acetylated” derivative of chitin, and is a very versatile a biopolymer,

Have the project: Bricks with mechanical joinings.
Official page is at: https://www.facebook.com/cimturo

Brick consists of a body with sides at an angle with bolt. It has mechanical locking and holes for medium and low current. The bricks are joined with screws.

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