I have a patent on a "bar soap with a cavity design"--this provides a most convenient location for the insertion of used bar soap segments and also provides additional gripping surfaces for bar soaps to prevent accidental dropping during use--especially during showering thereby decreasing the probability of falling in

The corona-resistant composite material in this proposal would form a coating or film over the electrical and electronic components and related equipment to be protected, having a thickness no greater than 50 microns (about 2 mils). It can withstand at least 20,000 hours of corona discharges,

These days cell/smart phones are used for a variety of purposes. The basic functionality of any phone is to make calls and text (SMS). Due to various applications usage, battery drains quickly and we need to find source to charge quickly.

Lexcelon, LLC, a startup based in Lexington, KY, is developing a complete battery testing system for 18650 lithium cells commonly found in laptops, electric vehicles, and other consumer electronic products. The Batlab’

Rickshaws play an important role in the era of transportation, especially in developing countries like India. It is very popular because it is cheap and can be used in congested places full of traffic.

Most of the rickshaws are run by men coming from backward rural areas.

Currently LED lighting using AC power source require a reactant component such as a capacitor or inductor to limit current without dissipating power. With capacitance (most popular method) a diode bridge is also required.

If LED manufacturers made LEDs with two in a package back to back,

Our product is Bio-Grid Pure Vapor Portable Room Robot for disinfection protocol. It is a fully automatic PLC controlled with touch screen HMI interface. The need is great as there were 1.5 million cases of HAI (hospital acquired infections) last year according to the CDC.

The goal of this project was to improve UAV efficiency and safety through use of biomimetic design. This was achieved through the application of a hydraulically actuated soft robotic fin. Drawing inspiration from the manta ray, a custom actuator was developed to achieve a feasible, lifelike locomotion method.

To this day amputees have often relied on hooks due to prosthetic hands being too easily damaged during work; however this design can change that. By modeling it directly after the bones, ligaments, and tendons in the human hand our design has become nearly indestructible under normal conditions.


Life of an electronic device depends on its battery life. Wireless charging propels the limits of Bionic Electronics to be eternal.


Bionic devices/organs has a limited lifetime where its battery needs to be replaced in order for it to function continually.

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