Auto BMS is a smartphone based baggage management system to reduce loading/unloading time at a very last moment during departures and arrivals. Airports are technologically advanced but still baggage loading/unloading is done manually by handlers.

Agriculture is very labor intensive field and one of the only fields where robots are not involved. Nowadays many industries are trying to reduce human labor by making robots and machines.

The easy to fly Fying Segway is a personal electric octa-copter with computer assisted stabilization. It has many uses. It can be flown manually or pre-programmed to fly autonomously navigating by GPS guidance.

Problem Statement:
Singapore continues to see a rise in the number of elderly people with the anticipated "silver tsunami" by year 2030, when one in five people here will be aged 65 years and above. As these people age,

NASA's Langley Research Center developed a deployable and stowable mechanical design for filling the cavity behind the leading-edge slat (i.e., slat cove), when it is extended upon landing an aircraft. Aerodynamic flow over an unfilled cavity typically exhibits strongly unsteady behavior that is a source of aeroacoustic noise.

Many of us remember when NASA's Spirit rover got stuck in sand on the red planet in 2009 - so have you ever wondered how rovers can safely explore the surface of a planet? Mission Control Space Services, working with the Canadian Space Agency,

The robotics world has reached a stage where the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) industry is very well established with thousands upon thousands of ROVs having been created and deployed since the dawn of this industry. The need for autonomy in robots and vehicles, however,

The Seastick 1000 is designed to be an innovative product in the field of AUVs, able to dive at a depth of up to 1000 meters.

Its key features are its customization options.

The designs are from a pen and paper and a little technical work for suspension and vehicle outer shell designs These designs are what I have envisioned, invented, and sculpted to hopefully stand out to you the viewer.

These designs are to create the future, while maintaining mechanical engineering importance. I posted these ideas out there to get recognition of some important concepts. There is an AWD Butterfly project, in 3D CAD art, that I did for this contest in 2012; and an AWD Butterfly 2 project,

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