My aim behind desiging this machine was to make easier and faster work for the worker working at the construction site. This machine consists of the 3 level screen system, which is used to separate different grades of material like coal, pebbles, agricultural material and etc.

Easily locates the free space for parking.
Saves time.
It tells the exact location of the free space in real time.
Not only tells about the free space but also tells the route map.

The car refrigerator is a compact refrigerator designed to fit in any vehicle. It is optimized to fit on the floor in front of the smaller middle seat located in average sedans, as outlined in the picture. By putting it on the floor,

There are more than 20.1 million intermodal containers of different types mostly used as common package for about 60% of world sea trade.

I have a means to regenerate liquid phase carbon while it is receiving contaminants such as hydrocarbons or certain chemicals. The carbon does not have to be removed for regeneration and it does not reduce in its ability to adsorb after regeneration.

Card On Guard is a lightweight, thin and self-sustaining solar card that captures, magnifies and reemits UV and Infrared light that inhibits bacteria and fungi growth replacing 50% - 100% of traditional pool/hot tub chemicals.

Ayubook of Rohtak (Haryana) is engaged in the mission of making life beautiful, and in that series,

Two factors are leading automakers to reduce the weight of their automobiles. In 2025 the US CAFE standards for fuel economy for light vehicles such as passenger cars is 54.5 mpg.

Castrol reinvents the oil change with NEXCEL: the revolutionary technology that makes oil changes quick, smart and simple.

The NEXCEL system is a sealed oil cell that contains both the engine oil and the oil filter, which means it can be easily removed and replaced by hand,

Cat detection sensor: The concept is that when a cat enters the home and start eating in the kitchen milk or fruits, the sensor starts detecting the cat's face and multiple photos are taken and it is taken to the cloud storage and once it is stored,

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