The M249 SAW and most other light machine guns (LMG) currently fielded by military’s around the world are outdated. Originally manufactured in the early '80's, their limitations such as painstakingly slow reload times, unreliable feeding mechanisms, lack of modularity,

Drawing on our team’s unique experience and insight in the space, we are building the go-to brand for access, inclusion, and rehabilitation for the 1 billion people worldwide with disabilities.

We are developing an adaptable human-electric trike that fits into our vision of cities of the near-future. Yax is an efficient vehicle for getting through urban traffic and carrying loads beyond a bicycle's capability. It also goes in spaces where trucks and vans can't go.

Mental and physical health into the public with the help of «Own meditation spaces».

One has no opportunity to spend even a short time in silence and solitude at a frantic pace of modern life; to listen to the silence of the mind.

This patent filled topic deals with pest control. ZE-CU-RE stands for zero current repellent. The existing model of mosquito repellent is based on heating a repellent liquid using a carbon rod. The rod is heated by means of electricity.

The aim of this project is to eliminate the difficulties in polling and enable everyone to vote during the election days.

Today’s increasing infrastructural facilities demand for multi storied parking spaces requiring efficient elevator systems. Unlike the modern day elevators which need external energy for operation, we conceptualized an elevator which uses no energy at all.

The invention is a device to transport people.

Piezoelectric technology is still young and its potential uses are infinite. My invention provides the simultaneous harvesting and using of energy.

The foldable kids’ furniture one encounters in playschools are typically miniatures of the adult versions. Their hard surfaces, complex assembly and awkward bulk render them inappropriate, if not dangerous for children. A colourful range of ?at-pack EVA foam seating, called ‘ZIPP’, addresses this with remarkable ?air.

A cloud-based mobile system that can classify objects and further compute the overall object with high accuracy. The novelty in our system is that we are not only offloading heavy computational functions of the system to the cloud,

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