ECW functions like an elephant trunk, but, instead of a nostril, a cows tongue type device, or, mini car wash.

ECW, arm movement, functions via well know technology, such as 3D printing and robotics,

Sky Train Corporation (STC) has modeled, evaluated, calculated, and patented a Rail Transit and Alternative Energy System that improves security and increases capacity over rail on the ground. It allows freight to be the revenue source and adds passengers and stations for added profit or convenience,

INTRODUCTION: Day by day automobiles are becoming more accessible, but they also increase the problems like shortage of fuel and pollution. Multiple companies are working on it and trying to solve this problem.

PHENOMENA: This is a type of electrical car,

There are approximately 1 billion cars on the road and they are responsible for anywhere between 50 and 90 percent of air pollution in urban areas. Apart from pollution,

Objective :
As the need for green energy is increasing the use of hybrid vehicles has to be encouraged. This project accomplishes the task of increasing the range of hybrid vehicle which was the major problem encountered in these vehicles.

The conceptual design is to generate a more effective energy recovery system by correlating the semi-active suspensions of electric as well as hybrid vehicles. The solenoid design with suspension system with a set of super capacitors will recover part of the energy otherwise lost in electromagnetic dampeners.

Tires are perhaps the most important part of a car. No matter what lies above, all the driver's inputs must go through these contacts with the ground. The following design will improve vehicles’ performance by improving the tires.

Over the past ten years there has been an enormous increase in road accidents, where millions of people left their souls on the roads and it’s due to over-speed and avoiding safety gear like seat belts. So to avoid this we designed smarter and intuitive technology.


The "Exciter" is an unlimited high density power source, ( not a power converter )... for application where electrical energy is required. The design may be used for home heating , water purification ,

Nowadays there is a tremendous increase in vehicle accidents; most of the people die in the accident. But it can be reliable with the help of Airbags which saves lives or minimizes the impact of accidents.

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