ECW functions like an elephant trunk, but, instead of a nostril, a cows tongue type device, or, mini car wash.

ECW, arm movement, functions via well know technology, such as 3D printing and robotics, guided by color and by auto exterior CAD details ~



ECW, mini car wash, functions, via a SCRUBBER, 1” wide at this time, which, is held to the auto surface via common magnets and vacuum, trimmed by wheels.

SCRUBBER, removes surface particles without scratching, and, is looped continually, to a particle remover, a wringer, a water applicator, and, back to removing particles, etc. etc etc.

VACUUM, sucks or vacates all particles to CENTRAL CONTROL.


Sky Train Corporation (STC) has modeled, evaluated, calculated, and patented a Rail Transit and Alternative Energy System that improves security and increases capacity over rail on the ground. It allows freight to be the revenue source and adds passengers and stations for added profit or convenience, thereby gaining quick funding.

Elevated beams improve speed and comfort, combining faster, safer freight and passenger movement. They will save over 80% of the fuel over rubber tired vehicles. Also, elevated traffic systems do not affect existing corridors on the ground that cross each other, require expensive rail crossings and cause around 90% of all rail fatalities.

This is by far a safer, less expensive transportation system for people and cargo ...

INTRODUCTION: Day by day automobiles are becoming more accessible, but they also increase the problems like shortage of fuel and pollution. Multiple companies are working on it and trying to solve this problem.

PHENOMENA: This is a type of electrical car, which produce electrical supply to run a car by faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. Faraday's law of induction is a basic law of electromagnetism predicting how a magnetic field will interact with an electric circuit to produce an electromotive force (EMF)—a phenomenon called electromagnetic induction".

CONSTRUCTION AND WORKING: Neodymium magnet one of the strongest magnet ever will be used in round shape.Rigid round coil of copper will be adjust parallel to magnet and coil should be attached with circular disk.Which will ...

There are approximately 1 billion cars on the road and they are responsible for anywhere between 50 and 90 percent of air pollution in urban areas. Apart from pollution, our world is facing another challenge in dealing with its oil resources which given their non-renewability are depleting at an alarming rate. After understanding the crisis scientists have started working on finding cleaner fuel which will also help in reducing our dependency on oil. While the discovery of alternate fuel may take some time, we for time being should focus on reducing the pollution caused by petrol and diesel. If proper combustion of fuel is done, we just might be able to reduce pollution and simultaneously be able to consume ...

Objective :
As the need for green energy is increasing the use of hybrid vehicles has to be encouraged. This project accomplishes the task of increasing the range of hybrid vehicle which was the major problem encountered in these vehicles.

Technology :
This system generates power from piezocrystal which is subjected to vibrations generated by the mechanical system designed. The amount of energy drawn from the engine is controlled and thus utilized in generating power and recharging the batteries.

Abstract :
The proposed model design consists of the basic parts such as damper system, cam with addition to a roller, spring of specific stiffness and a piezoelectric material in the engine design. As the piston reciprocates inside the cylinder ...

The conceptual design is to generate a more effective energy recovery system by correlating the semi-active suspensions of electric as well as hybrid vehicles. The solenoid design with suspension system with a set of super capacitors will recover part of the energy otherwise lost in electromagnetic dampeners. A solenoid set up is proposed where the then recovered energy will be transferred onto Mgu-k (kinetic) and Mgu-h (heat) systems then a kinetic recovery system (kers) will be used to redirect energy into powering various parts of the vehicle. This idea proposed will enhance the electric vehicle operations by storing and converting potentially lost energy. The use of motor generator units is currently undertaken in formula one vehicles. However due to ...

Tires are perhaps the most important part of a car. No matter what lies above, all the driver's inputs must go through these contacts with the ground. The following design will improve vehicles’ performance by improving the tires. Cars using these tires will also gain better fuel economy because the tires’ increased rigidity will cause lower rolling resistance.

This modified pneumatic tire design features key improvements to performance while maintaining compatibility with the millions of wheels on older vehicles on the road, thus minimizing expense and obstacles to adopting the new design. If needed for extreme performance applications, wheels with bead-locks can be used to keep the tires firmly attached.

The shell of this tire is almost identical to current pneumatic ...

Over the past ten years there has been an enormous increase in road accidents, where millions of people left their souls on the roads and it’s due to over-speed and avoiding safety gear like seat belts. So to avoid this we designed smarter and intuitive technology. Here we are implementing two systems in this design for safe driving in a car.

In most of the cases drivers ignore putting on the seat belt which leads to major injuries and even death in accidents. But to avoid such problem we are implementing a car seat belt locking ignition system which acts as a ...


The "Exciter" is an unlimited high density power source, ( not a power converter )... for application where electrical energy is required. The design may be used for home heating , water purification , electricity production also to motivate an electric automobile that will provide unlimited range and "on demand" service.. ( no battery charging ...no additional infrastructure to build.. no automotive "down time" required to then charge a battery.

Please note this design does not require constant pneumatic pressure displacement to operate... only then at " start up "... ( also an additional pulley and mechanical air compressor with electric clutch , [ automatically engaged referencing the sensor number 31 ], may be added then driven by ...

Nowadays there is a tremendous increase in vehicle accidents; most of the people die in the accident. But it can be reliable with the help of Airbags which saves lives or minimizes the impact of accidents. But we can optimize the current design of the airbag system by providing it externally also. So here I come with some interesting ideas about exo airbag safety system. For that I've analysed the current airbag system with its pros and cons. I have also studied the behavior of the vehicle when it crashes. And based on all these studies I have made my conclusions of utilizing the current airbag system.

In the proposed system I will try to add a lot of ...

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