The vetronic wheelchair gets into shape for giving some revolutionary assistance to patients, those dependent on wheelchairs, the elderly, stroke patients and others desiring or even requiring personal mobility and lift access.

A flying car with one or two Hydrogen Powered Turbines that feed an electric generator and so on an electric engine on each wheel. On flying mode, most load is retired from the generator on the turbine, so the turbine car run free and thrust the car.

Vehicle OEMs are adapting to touch technologies for vehicle infotainment systems, dashboard and consoles. It is also customer driven as people are used to touch screens and want to have similar features in the cars they drive; have integrated and customized interface that they use on their personal tablets,

The Haptic Driver Feedback System is an advanced driver assist device that uses haptic feedback to alert the driver to multiple driving situations. It interfaces with the vehicle's computer to use data from various on-board systems to provide more effective driver assists.


The Heavy Duty Aftermarket Super Truck is a revolution in fuel efficient technology. Unique patented system from Enviro-Cool delivers up to 10% reduced fuel consumption, dramatic under hood heat reduction and sound reduction. This is one of the most commercially viable and ready aftermarket upgrades in the industry.

Connected vehicles will reduce traffic collisions, reduce road congestion, ease commuting, pave the way for autonomous vehicles, and reduce pollution. Hermes Optical Protection System (HOPS) combines LEDs, a digital projection system such as LCDs or micromirrors and a optical sensor into a vehicle light.

My name is Ionel Mihailescu. I am Canadian, mechanical engineer, designer, P. Eng. I am located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I invented a new and much more efficient, internal combustion engine. I call it, High Performance Continuous Internal Combustion Engine. I got the Patent Grant in USA,

Present invention in general relates to design and implement a mechanical device for modern pick-up mechanism utilizing hydraulic system and in particular to design a hoisting device that is hydraulic dump system of the pick-up bed.

Unloading of the regular pick-up is not easy,

In the modern era the need for fuel efficiency is highly required as there is a stigma that World War-3 would arise due to fuel and water crisis. A survey in 2012 estimated 3,900,000,000 gallons of gasoline wasted each year in the U.S. by idling vehicles.

We all know that the pollution rate is increasing day by day. Every day a vehicle with much reduced pollution rate is released but still the rate of pollution is still the same. That is because of the increased traffic and the vehicle smoke. Automobile engineers have an aim;

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