The present invention relates to strong lighting by using optical fiber and nanotechnology for vehicles. Optical fibers are used with luminous element inserted such as florescent, white or red phosphor or zinc sulphide treated with nanotechnology. They are used with laser lamps, lead,

Physically challenged people undergo many discomforts for doing their own jobs by themselves. In this modernized world every one cares for their own duty nobody is there to look after the challenged one, so we are indeed in great privileged for helping them. In general day to day life,

The US Dept of Energy has long known that 10% mass savings improves automotive fuel economy 6-8%.  As design engineers hone their skills over decades, vehicle mass reductions are sought with statements like “every gram, every day”, showing the intensity of the effort. Though estimates vary,

The principal benefit of a Scotch Yolk mechanism in an IC engine is to provide the pistons with a connecting rod attachment that eliminates ALL angular thrust between the piston and cylinder wall. Additionally, an engine design would no longer require the fabrication of a forged,

This invention presents an isolated way to implement scavenge in 2-stroke opposed-piston engine ----- by a free-piston running between two opposed- pistons. During scavenge process, the incoming fresh charge would always be sealed and separated from the burnt gas by the free piston.

A new high-speed mass-transit system for self-driving electric cars could offer travelers an alternative that would reduce highway congestion, accidents, and air pollution yet let passengers keep the security and privacy of traveling in a private car. Platooning cars into high-speed, traveling groups,

A business named evolving electric motor company (eemc) was founded to create an extended range (ER) hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) drive train (initially) for any and all types of vehicles driven by an internal combustion engine (ICE), plus any vehicle already operating strictly on electricity.

Presently most of the transportation systems run on petroleum which is responsible for pollution. Electric vehicles are good replacement for such vehicles but they require energy storage devices like batteries. We want some best possible solution for transportation system which will provide very efficient service.

Century old piston engine principles have problems. For example: 80% of air content is nitrogen, intake nitrogen into cylinder not only impedes combustion but also creates harmful NOx emission. For another example: within the same cylinder, pressure after combustion is much higher than before,

• Installed an external vacuum petcock between carburetor and a modified air intake on a motorbike, so the setup is such that fuel cannot not enter the carburetor until engine is cranked. The modified air intake manifold has a vacuum pipe attached to the petcock’s air inlet,

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