The present invention relates to strong lighting by using optical fiber and nanotechnology for vehicles. Optical fibers are used with luminous element inserted such as florescent, white or red phosphor or zinc sulphide treated with nanotechnology. They are used with laser lamps, lead, or xenon to enhance night vision and to redirect strong lighten to a horizontal level near to the ground to avoid vision problems affecting drivers during driving at night. According to the present invention, two channels are arranged along the bottom part of a vehicle. In another aspect, a double bottom part is established.

The length of the two channels gives space inside in which strong lights are mounted, inside the vehicle body away from the ...

Physically challenged people undergo many discomforts for doing their own jobs by themselves. In this modernized world every one cares for their own duty nobody is there to look after the challenged one, so we are indeed in great privileged for helping them. In general day to day life, physically challenged people face lots of problems & obstacles. Normally, they find it difficult to move from one place to another and require the help of others. Additionally, it is not possible for them to pick objects placed in racks and shelves. They always depend on others to reach those objects.

The eco friendly transport hybrid device consists of a height adjustment mechanism comprising of a hydraulic telescopic ...

The US Dept of Energy has long known that 10% mass savings improves automotive fuel economy 6-8%.  As design engineers hone their skills over decades, vehicle mass reductions are sought with statements like “every gram, every day”, showing the intensity of the effort. Though estimates vary, removing a pound of mass is worthy of $1 cost increase.  Inarguably, consumers would certainly pay $200 more for a 200 pound lighter, safer vehicle that would provide $100s in annual fuel savings.  Automobiles remain heavy for one simple reason; no cost effective method exists to make cars 100s of pounds lighter despite decades of research . . . until now.

Recently, US Dept of Energy - Advanced Manufacturing Office’s Drs David Forrest and Theresa Miller wrote:

"With ...

The principal benefit of a Scotch Yolk mechanism in an IC engine is to provide the pistons with a connecting rod attachment that eliminates ALL angular thrust between the piston and cylinder wall. Additionally, an engine design would no longer require the fabrication of a forged, cast or billet crankshaft to provide drive to the output shaft(s).

Planetary gear-sets can be incorporated into the design of an IC engine using a Scotch Yolk mechanism to replace the conventional crankshaft. The addition of the planetary gear-sets will minimize the sliding friction and high contact pressures normally acting on the slot in the yolk.

The attached video is of a proof-of-concept prototype engine. The base engine concept is that of a ...

This invention presents an isolated way to implement scavenge in 2-stroke opposed-piston engine ----- by a free-piston running between two opposed- pistons. During scavenge process, the incoming fresh charge would always be sealed and separated from the burnt gas by the free piston. The result could be not only eliminating the mixing of the fluids, but also blocking fresh charge from leaking into exhaust port. As a result, isolated-scavenge will help to realize idea pure-displacement scavenge model, yielding the highest charging efficiency and perfect scavenge process.

The engine architecture related to the present invention is a conventional 2-stroke opposed-piston engine, which is mature and has had many designs and applications. The scavenge of such engine is always in uni-flow ...

A new high-speed mass-transit system for self-driving electric cars could offer travelers an alternative that would reduce highway congestion, accidents, and air pollution yet let passengers keep the security and privacy of traveling in a private car. Platooning cars into high-speed, traveling groups, away from manually driven cars in their own roadway channel would protect the high-speed travels from other traffic and provide a means of powering the electric cars while they are moving. Solar panels on the roof over the high-speed channel would create a weather protected roadway and supply the needed electrical power.

Charging users a toll for use of the roadway and for the electrical power used could generate enough money to pay-back the investment and ...

A business named evolving electric motor company (eemc) was founded to create an extended range (ER) hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) drive train (initially) for any and all types of vehicles driven by an internal combustion engine (ICE), plus any vehicle already operating strictly on electricity. These capacities can increase the fuel economy of any ICE driven vehicle by at least 200% and offer nonstop performance (no stop to charge batteries) to all electric vehicles.

Using a full series (FS) hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) can:

Offer the aforementioned increase in fuel economy;

Provide EV efficiency to all types of vehicles;

Extend the range of any current electric vehicle;

Convert any vehicle using an ICE to a FS ER HEV;

Use ...

Presently most of the transportation systems run on petroleum which is responsible for pollution. Electric vehicles are good replacement for such vehicles but they require energy storage devices like batteries. We want some best possible solution for transportation system which will provide very efficient service. The answer is Fuel less Transportation service.

A fuel-less transportation system is a simple innovative idea which is based on the concept of center of gravity and fulcrum. It consist of special designed cabin, non parallel track with height adjustment system.

System Illustration:
Cabin - cylindrical vessel with tapered conical profile at both ends
Track - non parallel inclined rigid track

A rigid track is provide for transportation of cabin which is inclined at ...

Century old piston engine principles have problems. For example: 80% of air content is nitrogen, intake nitrogen into cylinder not only impedes combustion but also creates harmful NOx emission. For another example: within the same cylinder, pressure after combustion is much higher than before, cylinder sharing results to high pressure exhaust to be discharged into the environment with usable kinetic energy wasted and noises generated.

Proposed FAI engine with separated gas expansion and air compression units for better efficiency. Because of functional dedication, many advantages could be identified:

(1) Programmable various gas expansion ratio could be executed with digitally controlled fuel and air injections. Resolution down to each single power stroke.
(2) Preconditioned, oxygen enriched air could be used to enhance the ...

• Installed an external vacuum petcock between carburetor and a modified air intake on a motorbike, so the setup is such that fuel cannot not enter the carburetor until engine is cranked. The modified air intake manifold has a vacuum pipe attached to the petcock’s air inlet, which will pull down the diaphragm and allow the fuel to flow from fuel-tank to the carburetor and ultimately resulting the air fuel mixture to enter the combustion chamber.

• Hence, this system will allow the fuel to flow into the engine when the engine is cranked, thus avoiding fuel leakage and theft of fuel when the engine is shut off.

• Worked on this project to avoid fuel ...

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