About 4.5 million premature deaths are caused by outdoor air pollution. 50% to 90% of the air pollution is caused just by the vehicular toxic emission. This research is about a design of series of processes which might create a fuel cycle in an internal combustion (IC) engine setup.

At present, the mileage (distance coverage) for two wheeler claimed by the manufacturer is based on the fixed laboratory testing conditions. Many factors such as individual driving pattern, traffic condition, road condition, load, speed condition, petrol level,

I'm presenting a very unique concept regarding a train system which will move with its own power.

The fuel less automobile engine is an engine that requires no fuel or any other kind of input.

The proposed engine is based on a novel method of reversing a force acting on an object, using a mechanism located on the same object.

We all are acquainted with severe problem regarding the fuel adulteration in most of the developing and under developed nations. Fuel quality plays a major role in the maintenance of the engine health and controlling the major polluting compounds like NOx, Soot and unburnt Hydrocarbon emission.

This is a relatively simple off-the-shelf upgrade to the brake light system on present-day automotive and trucking light visible signal installations. It exhibits, at variable distances and while moving in the traffic flow,

21st century era there are farmers or villagers who are using traditional & unsafe way of distributing milk. They're usually using Cattle Tanga, two wheeler, cycles and trains with Barrel/Can. Moreover, develop an elevated platform for farmers and eliminate the middle man in the whole process of milk distribution.

After years of research I (Diji N J) was able to scientifically explain art of levitation of yogis.

Diamagnetic materials can be repelled, (in a non-uniform field Diamagnetic materials are repelled from the region of greater magnetic field) and magnetic materials can be attracted by strong magnetic field.

“GoldDrive” is an infinite variable, bi-directional drive consisting of hydraulic fixed displacement pumps and motors. As a matter of fact “GoldDrive” is the hydraulic equivalent of the mechanical differential. The idea behind the development of “GoldDrive” is to overcome the limitation of starting torque.

My idea to Create the Future of transportation, is to link urban centers and help eliminate traffic and pollution by employing renewable energy and one of the most powerful forces in nature, falling water, to operate a Hyperloop.

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