The primary target is to minimize the pollutant emissions of diesel engines vehicles, to achieve TIER IV-V and EURO IV-V current regulations. An after-treatment exhaust gas electrostatic device, for CI diesel engines, traps the combustion process particles present in the aerosols diesel soot, whit a system operation based on the same physic principle and technology employed at the Ashes Electrostatic Precipitator-Filter, (Electro- filters) worldwide installed at Power Station plants with Coal fired Steam Generation.

The ash particles are not combustible. Hence, they progressively clog the filter, decreases exhaust flow and thus increase the back pressure, its impacted the engine performance and, in turn, increases fuel consumption, increases pollutant emissions or shortens durability.

Additional secondary benefits, consist that this ...

Pollution and especially air pollution has always been a serious threat to the environment. One of the very important factors responsible for air pollution is the emission of gases from the vehicles such as CO, HC, NOx etc which degrades the environment. A really important need here is to curtail the amount of harmful gases which are emitted from the vehicles.

PUC (Pollution under Control) is a Certification Mark issued to certify that motor vehicles in India meet emission and pollution control norms. In many cases PUCs are issued merely on the basis of Vehicle Registration number without actual diagnostics of the vehicle. Besides this nowadays the tendency of keeping the vehicles maintained by regular services has disappeared. ...

The conventional fuel tank has a single chamber and the drying up of fuel is a common issue encountered by the commuter class. In such a case, one has to either push the vehicle to the fuel refilling station or else buy the fuel in a plastic bottle. The former case causes physical strain whereas the latter case is an illegal offence. So to overcome such a situation, a new type of fuel tank has been designed such that a part of tank in a form of removable chamber can be removed and used to buy the fuel with much ...

If current advances in drone construction, automatic flying, and battery storage capacity will follow their expected trends, in a few years we will see personal flying cars as well as delivery drones in our skies. To face such innovations, initially buildings, later cities, will be transformed to accommodate such novelties. To face such future challenges in an evolutionary way we are proposing a new type of building that will incorporate the drone port functions together with expected innovations in construction technology and energy conservation expected for this century.

The building proposed incorporates droneports at different leves for the bigger personal drones and smaller unmanned delivery drones. All services for storing cargo and drones as well as recharge ...

The road accident deaths are becoming a huge concern for the world. The road accident deaths are claiming 1.25 million lives every year (an estimate given by the WHO). According to 2016 reports, the country in which I live in, topped the list. In 2015, Road Crashes killed 146,133 People only in INDIA. These Figures are really very scary right. The newly adopted 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’s has set a target of reducing number of deaths and injuries caused by traffic crashes by 2020. The Drunk and Driving cases accounts as major cause for the deaths caused due to Road Accidents. This Project Aims in reducing these Road Accident Deaths.

The device is constructed with the help of ...

DUALITY was born with a great ambition: Becoming the first car in the world that fully meets requirements of an off-road and race car.

But how to harmonize these extremes? The vehicle has four sets composed for: Two tires (one off road and the other for high speeds), two hexagonal polymers (for high impact absorption), two wheels and six power cells. In addition, an articulated suspension allows the vehicle to switch between the modules off-road and high speed.

The advantages to having the motor inside the tire is to increase the internal space of the cabin and to lower the center of gravity ensuring greater stability to the vehicle.
To provide safety for people around the car when the off-road tires are ...

One of the most serious problems in highly populated areas is increasing number of cars day by day and that leads to even more serious problem of parking cars.The insufficient space leads to traffic jams on roads causing stress mentally and physically during travel.

But one of the most ignored part of parking is the space that we leave between two cars just to be able to keep the gates open while entering or exiting the car.This space can be reduced using sixth sense technology parking for cars thereby increasing space for more cars.

The setup would require car with automatic transmission and electric power steering, a camera, a sixth sense technology interface with web server( as ...

With the rapid proliferation of vehicle availability and usage in recent years, finding a vacant car parking space is becoming more and more difficult, resulting in a number of practical conflicts.

Parking problems are becoming ubiquitous and ever growing at an alarming rate in every major city.

Wide usage of Android technology with the recent advances in wireless applications for parking, manifests that digital data dissemination could be the key to solve the emerging parking problems.

Lack of sufficient parking space, its improper utilization, and unsustained maintenance in urban cities of Developing countries coerce people for illegal roadside parking that not only leads to pathetic traffic jams causing delays but also increases pollution by wasting precious resources.


My new invention is an economical inflatable electrical car.

It is a compact, very economic, 3 seats , 3 wheels electrical car. Very safe for the occupant but also for anyone who would get hit by this car.

The floor has a rigid platform which contains batteries, suspension and electrical motors. An electrical air pump is integrated on this platform.

To protect the occupants against impact, rigid tubes are surrounding them and the windows.

The seats, the dash, the doors, the top, the hood, the trunk are inflatable.

The 2nd and 3rd seats can be dis-inflated to increase cargo space.

The windows are tempered glasses with classic wipers.

A digital pad (example: iPad) is mounted on the dash to ...

Many of the ordinary brakes, which are being used nowadays, stop the vehicle by means of mechanical blocking. This causes skidding, wear and tear of the vehicle. And if the speed of the vehicle is very high, the brake cannot provide that much high braking force and it will cause problems. These drawbacks of ordinary brakes can be overcome by a simple and effective mechanism of braking system, ‘The eddy current brake.’. It is an abrasion-free method for braking of vehicles including trains. It makes use of the opposing tendency of eddy current. Eddy current is the swirling current produced in a conductor, which is subjected to a change in magnetic field. Because of the tendency of eddy currents ...

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