Improper tire maintenance causes every year 124 fatalities, 9000 injures in US (35 deaths, 4000 injured in Europe), and common under-inflation produces a fuel penalty of 1-2% on a reference cycle (with only the driver on board and warmed-up tires).

Using different sensors the speed of the vehicle is analysed and the brake is applied automatically. Here we define two terms: Traffic detection and overtaking priority.

Automatic pneumatic bumper is used to prevent the driver and vehicle from collisions. This design converts the impact load into a gradual load. Design has a UV sensor which senses the obstacles and UV receiver which sends the signal to the control unit which has a compressed air cylinder,

Field of the invention:
This invention is related to automatic turn signal ON/OFF based on the steering angle of the vehicle, center of gravity of the vehicle and side stand position.

Here I have attached a file which speaks about automotive nail striker. As it's simplified construction, everyone can understand its function easily. As per the law of electromagnetics induction motor can give mechanical output which is further converted into translatory motion.

A bicycle model which can drive itself autonomously and also be driven manually as and when required is presented to be used in an urban bicycle-sharing system. The proposed system would be ideal for use in last-mile transportation.

To ensure driving safety, tire pressure monitoring systems have been strictly regulated in every new vehicle from 2008 in the USA, 2014 in Europe and Taiwan, 2015 in Japan, 2016 in Korea, and 2018 in China. However, the inconvenience to define tire position correctly after a tire rotation,

Commercial Vehicles such as trucks and trailers usually get stuck up in muddy trenches or in snow with one of wheels in the trench and the other on level ground. With an open differential, driver’s effort to pull the vehicle out normally ends up with one wheel,

My concept was inspired by the game called "Jenga." To make composite fabrication somewhat easier I developed a system of arranging blocks in a pattern to give the shape of the final product. This mold is then wrapped in the composite material.

This project aims at providing a new method of Regenerative Braking, by deactivating fuel supply and ignition during periods of braking and providing a valve to divert the outlet air from the cylinder to a storage tank, acting as a reciprocating compressor.

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