There have been many types of electric gear boxes and clutch systems, but they all use gears to mesh with one another, with friction pads or friction pads for the clutch, they tend to be complicated specialized mechanical equipment,

Electric Generating Turbo, EGT, is comprised of a turbine, the turbine wheel, the shaft, a rotor, stator and a set of neodymium rare earth magnets. The unique feature of our invention is the custom designed generator application.

The YZ400A is a prototype electric dirt bike design derived from an existing generation of Yamaha 4-stroke motorcycles. The goal of the project is to create a low cost electrification conversion that can be an alternative to rebuilding a failed engine.

An electric school bus can meet industry needs and save costs at the same time. With funding, my company can build and deploy electric school buses with range extending power generation on board that can surpass any school bus performance on the road today.

Whenever I visited an automobile plant I found that there is challenges with reverse gear while loading/unloading the materials due to lack of space. There are chances for accident.

Similar thing I have found for physically disabled people while taking back (reverse) the vehicles.

As per a report published by the National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project (NCRMP), India is extremely susceptible to natural hazards especially earthquakes, floods, droughts, cyclones and landsides. Power outages, one of the critical downfalls of such calamities, has plagued India for decades. In 2012, half of India’

Petrol usage can be minimized by operating the flywheel upto certain speed by DC series motor and latter by petrol. It provides speed and have lower fuel consumption.

Petrol can be available only for 64 years. The alternate source for petrol is Liquified Petroleum Gas.

Jaipur, a metropolitan city out of so many in India, has seen a growth of around 125,000 IC Engine Vehicles in past 5 years. As India witnesses Electric Vehicles taking over in 10 years down the lane.

Design Statement:
Vehicle is mounted/hanging on the elevated pipe or rail track with the help of height adjustment and shock absorber link. The wheel on rail track has the power from internal drive and can rotate freely by actuating the clutch.

The VASMAG transport system uses the principle of electromagnetic repulsion, in which the rail is constructed with non-magnetic conductive materials, (aluminum or copper), so that large superconducting magnets can be used, naturally more power is required to energize them,

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