In this project we have focused on improving the steering response in automobiles using a rack and pinion assembly. The main purpose is to design and manufacture a new arrangement of rack and pinion which enhances the maneuverability.

Many revolutionary developments have taken place in the field of tire technology, from Dunlop tire to modern tubeless tires. Everyone is focused on improving durability, better traction, fuel economy etc. Beside all these developments,

AEROPTER CONCEPT CONFIGURATION: a lifting surface concept suitable for STOL/VTOL requirements.

Derives its lifting force from a fluid principle of force amplification referred to the COANDA EFFECT a rather complex phenomena of jet stream deflection and augmentation.

Vehicular traffic in cities has a significant impact on environment, economy and life of many people. Thus, it is important to manage and organize it optimally and AI and new technologies may bring significant progress in this field. However,

The Major Problems:
➤~70% of fuel is wasted as heat in conventional engines/power-plants/waste-to-energy-systems which don’t combust the water/aquifers/air polluting fuel completely while also producing strong green-house NOx emissions. Fuel usage efficiency can be doubled without any emissions/pollutants.

Considering the increasing number of people asking for the use of a car - especially in emerging markets - my work for this little sporty coupe has taken my engagement to realize a composition of shape and surfaces can be best to print in aluminium, steel,

This idea can solve the problem of vehicles skidding while driving on an ice coated road with a very easy way. One can drive safely on the ice coated road with the help of this device by attaching this device on the car.

How does your idea solve this problem?

It is necessary to decrease use of conventional energy to save the world from pollution, warming and limited stock of fuel. Continuously research is running by many researcher/scientist and we have gained muchany success. I am not a scientist or researcher; I am an innovator only.

Though travelling has been fun for most, but some of them find it hectic and fearsome. It may be either due to lack of exposure for the procedures incorporated, issues related to communication or the person may be specially-abled. In any or all of the above cases,

The best way to describe this invention is an Archimedes screw that runs the length of a ship’s hull. It contrasts a conventional ship by replacing the single screw or propeller with the full length Archimedes screw.

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