Though we have many other biometric solutions, fingerprint identification system is widely used for many reasons. Compared to other biometric techniques, the advantages of fingerprint-based identification are as detailed below:

Uniqueness of the fingerprint - the minutiae details of individual ridges and furrows are permanent and unchanging.

The Health Watch is different from a fitness watch which not only helps to burn calories or reads the heart beat;

Hearo is the world's only Internet Of Sound system. With Hearo any object in your home can be a digital controller. It works like this:

The sound of hitting my tea cup with a spoon make Spotify skip to the next song in my playlist.

For nearly a century Building management HVAC systems have relied on thermometric feedback to control temperature in buildings and although in recent years smart thermostats have been introduced the control remains temperature sensor based. The intelligence of the latest generation thermostats offers occupant habit learning,

This invention relates to cooling devices which maintain the correct operating temperature for computer processors. The devices use the relatively new FASTT technology to enable high flux cooling of processor chips without the use of liquids.

LiquidCool Solutions developed the LCS Edge, a purpose-built, high performance-computing appliance that revolutionizes the Internet of Things (IoT).

The issue with IoT is the massive amounts of data overloading today’s cloud models. Cloud computing is not designed to handle the volume, variety,

One of the goals in modern power supply design is to minimize the losses respectively the heat dissipation. The biggest source of power loss is still the electronic switches - transistors and diodes, and while the transistors are experiencing progressive improvements of their properties, the diodes still have limitations,

The ability to construct multiple-perspective images of natural or synthesized scenes is growing rapidly driven by advances in computational power and image capture technology.

Internet of Things (IOT) is an evolving technology in Mobile Computing, resembling the Distributed Network Environment, where physical objects are embedded with electronics, software, sensors and connectivity to stay connected over the Internet and communicate with each other.

We augment typical, low-cost plastic traps for many insect pests with the necessary optoelectronic sensors to sense the entrance of the trap to detect, time-stamp, GPS tag, and –in relevant cases- identify the species of the incoming insect from their wingbeat. For every important crop pest,

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