NASA's Langley Research Center has developed a novel system that uses an ultra-violet camera to detect, inspect, and analyze a corona discharge. This discharge signifies a power line fault, making the technology ideal for use in power line inspections. When coupled to a drone,

The project focuses on providing an alert system for any disaster or calamity approaching a particular area. The method used here is data scraping and data collection from reliable sources which provides the accurate condition of the weather/disaster.

A new method for the design and validation of advance E-Maintenance system with electronics hardware. This system is giving all information before failure in vehicle. A system is more intelligent, safer, cheaper and manageable .When the vehicle is running on a high speed,

EB-135 is a versatile, medium viscosity, epoxy formulation for a wide array of industries. Originally formulated as a structural adhesive, the EB-135 bonds well to most engineered plastics, all metals, ceramics, glass and rubbers. It can be used as an adhesive,lamination compound, staking material, sealant,

This is an IoT based project which is designed for home security. This project is designed for home security of each and every citizen of our country. Not like other security systems, the objective of this project is that it is economically feasible i.e.

We are surrounded by multi-frequency signals around us and our body is continuously exposed to their radiations. But we are enjoying the comforts and connectivity dealt with the technology and no matter whether we use or not we have to coexist with these signals.

BME680 is a four-in-one sensor due to integration of four different parameters - ambient temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure and gas - in one tiny package of 3.0 x 3.0 x 0.95 mm³.

Every Drop Counts is an electronic system to measure the volume of water flowing through a mechanical meter using an audio sensor. It uses audio to enable much higher resolution than what is normally able to read by the inbuilt magnetic sensor.

The assumption behind EYEYE system is that it is essential to understand information transfer in a networked system if the system is to develop an internal worldview, which is essential for creation of meaning.

The issue of theft is very paramount in any organization, especially such organization as a Fuel Stations. Therefore we intend to aid in theft of petrol/diesel of Fuel Stations by bringing an idea for our project.

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