I have connected LED lights in a way that they all glow at the same time with the pulse of music.

RFID is a tag that can be used to track or to check availability of anything. Using RFID tag we can attach with vehicle (2 wheeler, 4 wheeler, etc.) as turning point of every street or any hub (road junction).

I am in this contest to buy materials for the FREE classes I teach on beginner robotics/animatronics. 

The RoboGuts circuit board is designed to host most of the MCU chips or modules on the market today in a footprint the same size as an Arduino UNO board.

The instrument is designed to measure linear and circular motion parameters like angular velocity, linear velocity, centrifugal force, rpm and other related parameters from equations.

Design statement:
The instrument has following parts,

The project is an embedded system which works on Raspberry Pi using a sensor. The sensor detects the hurdles and sends the data to the Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi examine the data and send details to the user in the form of Speech.

I hold the IP portfolio surrounding the space of GPS/LBS enabled keys, also trademarked "SafeKey".

SafeKey is best understood as "OnStar on your keys." SafeKey places a GPS personal locator panic button on the common key, at an enterprise/supplier level - it is instant safety at everyone's fingertips.

SAFER (“Safe And Feasible Exponential Risk”) Diamond® is a novel risk assessment and management tool, with a user-friendly graphical presentation format of data and results.

Almost everyone has milk as the first drink in their life. In infancy it is the mother's milk. In childhood, youth and adulthood it's a cow's or goat's milk. It is worth noting that the older a person becomes the more the distance increases 

This new gun fired or rocket launched scout surveilance bullet / projectile photographs miles of land in seconds while radio transmiting its colored imagery to a remote radio receiver, computer, amd display. This scout surveillance projectile is comprised of a casing, high speed camera image sensors (with lenses), battery,

Secure Coding Framework (SCF)

The SCF addresses the problem of application cybersecurity head-on with a powerful new development platform for building secure code from the ground up. It is the equivalent of a new secure programming language, but better.

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