I have connected LED lights in a way that they all glow at the same time with the pulse of music.

I had connected both lights directly to a subwoofer so the current which is going in the wire of woofer is divided and the same current goes to the lights also. The more we increase the volume and bass, the speed of current increases and the lights glow more brightly with the pulse of music. The lights glow with the music beat and rhythm.

Material Required:-
1) Sound system (any)
2) Colourful lights (Any colour)
3) Scissors
4) Cello ...

RFID is a tag that can be used to track or to check availability of anything. Using RFID tag we can attach with vehicle (2 wheeler, 4 wheeler, etc.) as turning point of every street or any hub (road junction). Put passive RFID sensor to passed vehicle list with unique tag id. That tag contains home address of that vehicle in center point or head office database. This idea will reduce chain snatchers and rode who are using vehicle. Also we can limit speeding by tracking activity on a particular vehicle to reduce ...

I am in this contest to buy materials for the FREE classes I teach on beginner robotics/animatronics. 

The RoboGuts circuit board is designed to host most of the MCU chips or modules on the market today in a footprint the same size as an Arduino UNO board. It can even host the Arduino's ATMEGA 328P chips but the RoboGuts also has a built-on audio amplifier and adding a SpeakJet synth chip in the socket allows you to give your projects speech and song. The RoboGuts circuit board is the smartest design for home hobby and experimenter/developer bread board. That is the RoboGuts has standard hobby connectors to minimize the need for special cables plus pin holes for added components.

The instrument is designed to measure linear and circular motion parameters like angular velocity, linear velocity, centrifugal force, rpm and other related parameters from equations.

Design statement:
The instrument has following parts,
1. Two beakers or dead weights
2. Supporting shaft
3. Link to connect beakers/ dead weights and supporting shaft
4. Strain gauges emended in the link or part number 3

As instrument starts to rotate there will be variation in the level of fluid and output voltage from strain gauge due to tension that is generated from centrifugal force.
The level measurement of fluid in beaker or variation in output voltage of strain gauge will show the magnitude of centrifugal force by calibration. Now we can calculate the other parameters like velocity 'v' ...

The project is an embedded system which works on Raspberry Pi using a sensor. The sensor detects the hurdles and sends the data to the Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi examine the data and send details to the user in the form of Speech. The whole route is narrated to the user. As the route is narrated to the blind person then they can easily go anywhere without facing any problem. When the blind person wears the device and feed the value of the approx. footsteps. After that the device start working and analyzing surround by taking pictures and measuring object by sensors. There is a code to convert all the data, picture and text into the speech. The language ...

I hold the IP portfolio surrounding the space of GPS/LBS enabled keys, also trademarked "SafeKey".

SafeKey is best understood as "OnStar on your keys." SafeKey places a GPS personal locator panic button on the common key, at an enterprise/supplier level - it is instant safety at everyone's fingertips. SafeKey extends the safety reach beyond the car where it is needed most, and augments the revenue associated with the location service.

The defensible SafeKey IP also includes all other types of keys, including card access keys/ID badges, combined with and type of signal, including GPS, cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc., and may combine with auto, phone, computer, etc.

SafeKey matters because, in the last 10 years while cell phones & their ...

SAFER (“Safe And Feasible Exponential Risk”) Diamond® is a novel risk assessment and management tool, with a user-friendly graphical presentation format of data and results.

While incorporating the best features of the familiar Risk Matrix to obtain quantitative risk (R) as product of probability (P) and severity (S) of loss, and ALARP (“As Low As Reasonably Practicable”) triangle as depicted in Fig. 1, it offers many advantages over existing methods.

The technique differs from existing job hazard analysis methods as follows:
(1) It requires input of only minimum and maximum values of probability P of occurrence and severity S of consequence of any loss, instead of sets of three or more arbitrary values in sequence.
(2) It ...

Almost everyone has milk as the first drink in their life. In infancy it is the mother's milk. In childhood, youth and adulthood it's a cow's or goat's milk. It is worth noting that the older a person becomes the more the distance increases between the source of milk and its consumer.  A not always clear system of intermediaries often leads to an increase in the cost of the product and reduction in its quality. About 30-35% of milk is counterfeit according to Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing in Russia. There are the same problems in the United States, India, China and other countries. We have observed having examined the State of the Russian market ...

This new gun fired or rocket launched scout surveilance bullet / projectile photographs miles of land in seconds while radio transmiting its colored imagery to a remote radio receiver, computer, amd display. This scout surveillance projectile is comprised of a casing, high speed camera image sensors (with lenses), battery, radio transmitter, time clock, GPS receiver, inertial switch, inertial accelerometer, gravitational sensor, and a computer.

The scout projectile can be the diameter of a bullet, mortar round, rocket propelled grenade, artillery round, or bazooka projectile.

The scout surveillance projectile is either shot like a bullet from a shell containing gun powder and a percussion ignition means or it is rocket propelled. In other configurations, the projectile can ...

Secure Coding Framework (SCF)

The SCF addresses the problem of application cybersecurity head-on with a powerful new development platform for building secure code from the ground up. It is the equivalent of a new secure programming language, but better. Mainstream programming languages in use today such as C++, C# and Java were designed in the 70’s and 80’s. They were not designed with security as the overarching concern. Instead their primary objectives were utility and performance. They were developed long before cybersecurity breaches reached the crisis stage. Today’s developers use static analysis tools and secure coding standards to identify and remedy known vulnerabilities in source code, but this methodology is inadequate for closing the application cybersecurity gap. ...

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