This project based on agriculture is intended to create an automated irrigation mechanism which turns the pumping motor ON and OFF on detecting the moisture content of the soil. In the domain of farming, utilization of appropriate means of irrigation is significant.

Automatic amplitude adjustment
The automatic amplitude regulator is designed due to the constant innovations in telecommunications. Currently an information carrier signal is transmitted with a constant amplitude which ensures that between the sender and receiver there is a good interaction,

The project we are putting forward is Behavioral Enhanced Encryption. As now cyber security is a serious threat to our privacy and online data, there us a need to overcome this issue with certain technique so that to an extent we are safe.

Nowadays people are destroying nature by overusing natural resources and dumping the waste back to the nature. This waste mismanagement contributes drastically to global warming. As the world population is continuously increasing, the accumulation of waste is also becoming a catastrophic problem making relevant management solutions more challenging.

This worksheet was developed to calculate the critical frequency of the Ionospheric Layer F2, F1, E, and D. What are these Ionospheric Layers? They are used to make the reflection or return of a wave or radio frequency to the Earth,

uRADMonitor CITY is your 6th sense when it comes to air quality. Equipped with advanced sensors and Internet connectivity, this IOT device will constantly measure the invisible harmful factors around you,

We have designed a revolutionary new “Connected Vehicles” system which monitors every vehicle and connects them with each other. This multi-purpose system checks vehicle pollution, detect over-speed and traffic-signal violations, an anti-theft feature, automatic toll-amount collection. In case an unfortunate accident does occur,

In past few years, the so called corporate world has been facing numerous issues related to the performance of the employees. The efficiency of the management is a measure of number of outgoing employees compared to number of incoming employees. Based on the previous surveys,

Innovation: Boldcon Technologies introduces a new patent-pending concept that integrates fluid propulsing devices with enhanced heat exchanging mechanisms to increase heat rejection capabilities on heat exchanging devices. Referred as “Convectors,” the new devices are based on the clever utilization of “boundary layer disruption”

This PROJECT reviews and provides clarification to the meaning and concept of cloud computing with particular reference to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and its underlying virtualization technologies.

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