Lightning generated within electrical storm clouds causes extensive damage to structures, utilities, facilities, forests, grasslands and aircraft each year, including killing about 100 people each year in the United States. A means is needed to reduce this destruction and loss of life. This invention is one such means.

Coupled Tank gadget/system (CTS) is extensively used particularly in chemical process industries. In procedure industries the controlling of tanks is important. Whenever we talk about controlling it means that we need a closed loop system.

Most of the commercially available wireless power transmitters or chargers use short range magnetic coupling. Non resonant coupling is usable only within a few centimeter range. The resonant coupling results in a little longer range. As the distance grows in-between the transmitter and receiver, the efficiency drops.

Nowadays safety and time are major issues. We all know that gas booking is a time consuming task and also there can be the problem of gas leakage.

Proposed a control system with feedback that defines deviations of magnitude and phase delay of plant output. We used the Hilbert transform for calculated an arbitrary input and output of a plant as analytical signals and the deviation of the phase delay between them at violated of steady-state.

A non-surgical invasive way for cardiac myocytes experiencing arrhythmia may be achievable with an enhanced magnetic field across the cardiac myocyte depolarization pacemaker action potential electrophysics. The attached charted graph--see mA/mmsquared vs.

My solution is not just a new creative app, but a new system, a new approach to the problem of controlling finances.

My research led me to one simple truth - to competently manage finances you need to love money as a person loves a human.

This mobile attachment will have a personal hotspot/powerbank/sim holder/gprs tracker....the benefits of this is one can be in wifi zone always, can charge once phone as and when required..because mobile today has become one of the necessity of each and every individual more so if one is an entrepreneur.

What is Netmory ?
Netmory is a patent that enables a computer or any device to use the memory of another computer on the internet. By memory, we mean the main memory ex DRAM.

What is Netmory ?

Production advances have spurred further investigation into identifying properties of synthetic diamond films in high-purity form. These properties have provided evidence that films of exceptionally high quality can be used as a heat sink, as a sensor material in electro-chemistry, and as a neutron sensor.

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