Traditional cameras -- even those on the thinnest of cell phones -- cannot be truly flat due to their optics: lenses that require a certain shape and size in order to function. At Caltech, engineers have developed a new camera design that replaces the lenses with an ultra-thin optical phased array (OPA). The OPA does computationally what lenses do using large pieces of glass: it manipulates incoming light to capture an image.

Lenses have a curve that bends the path of incoming light and focuses it onto a piece of film or, in the case of digital cameras, an image sensor. The OPA has a large array of light receivers, each of which can individually add a tightly ...

In our work, we developed a ferrofluid core differential transformer sensor, which can be used to measure tilt. The purpose of our research was to develop and test a new type of tilt sensor, which uses ferrofluid. We made it our goal that the sensor developed by us should outperform the previous ferrofluidic tilt sensors in resolution.

The proposed sensor is similar to an LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) which is used to measure linear displacement and consists of one iron core and three coils. In our solution, we replaced the iron core with a glass tube half filled with ferrofluid. When we rotate or accelerate the sensor (in the direction of the coils' axes), there is ...


(1.1) BACKGROUND - The author of this document has had specific experience designing a part of the existing XBT system while under contract with the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Institute (NOAA). It is this exposure that led to this new approach over the existing oceanic temperature measurement technique.

(1.2) ABSTRACT (PROBLEM STATEMENT) - Current Expendable Bathythermograph technology utilizes ocean-going vessels with personnel to deploy wired temperature probes commonly known as “XBT’s”. These instruments contain spools of copper wire that unravels as the XBT plummets to the ocean floor. These wires are left in the ocean possibly entangling wildlife and adding to the oceanic build-up of man-made items.
Further, this technique requires a constant ...

The most convenient security gadget you can place on your door to monitor breaking and entering. It has the power to connect with all of your other IoT devices too to prompt all types of actions incurred from an unwanted breach.

Owwli is an IoT gadget that notifies its owner every time there is a door breach. It is a technological advancement from the current set of gadgets in the market, because it utilizes the number of pieces to only one. Owwli is a base tool that can be connected with world known API platforms in order to work differently for different users. e.g. It would connect with IFTTT or Zapier to perform further actions with Philip's set ...

Ideaz partnered with Pillar Technologies to develop the first real-time construction environment monitoring system, bringing state of the art IoT technology to the construction site.

Pillar's system helps construction and insurance companies track and reduce the risk of fire, water and mold among other environmental conditions.

The wirelessly connected smart sensors create a mesh network that works with Pillar's proprietary SAAS platform, allowing their customers to monitor job site environmental conditions virtually as well as data management and digital records of entire building process.

Smart Sensors monitor:
Pressure | Temperature | Smoke | Excessive noise | Mold | Humidity | Vibration | VOC levels

Pillar's battery powered smart sensors are designed to quickly attach to multiple locations and ...

The presence of harmful pathogens in drinking water can lead to illness, death and widespread outbreaks of diseases. The early detection of pathogens can save individual lives and more importantly prevent widespread life threatening infections and catastrophic outbreaks. We have developed a portable sensor capable of the rapid detection of E. coli in water to assure the safety of water for human consumption.

It traditionally takes 1-2 days for conventional methods o determine the presence of E. coli in water. The VeloCens (TM) sensor is based on an electrochemical platform and will detect bacteria in a matter of 1 hour due to its simple sensing mechanism. The device operates by monitoring the metabolic activity of the bacterial cells and ...

Maintenance is what keep the industries moving. Our goal is to make maintenance as easy as possible. That is why we envision a new approach to condition monitoring and maintenance with the use of Machine Learning.

Our setup uses an array of multiple sensors that are connected to a central unit, which is connected wirelessly to a cloud network. The maintenance supervisor receive notifications thought any wifi enabled device that uses Android, IOS or Windows. The cloud network tracks the behavior of the machine and recognizes what is normal behavior from defective, from analyzing and comparing the inputs from the sensors.

When a customer purchases the setup, he gets:
-Set of sensors (vibration, temperature, voltage, gas and liquids)
-Central ...

The manufacture, characterization and modeling of magnetic antidots have been studied because of their potential applications, as they are promising candidates for a new generation of electronic devices such as transistors. In addition, the absence of the superparamagnetic boundary in nanostructured antidots makes them strong candidates for ultra-high-density recording media.

We have Permalloy thin films with quasicrystalline Cairo (Cairo Transformations) patterns. In these systems it is possible to anchor the magnetization in certain individual elements.

We will investigate by magnetic micromagnetic simulations the magnetic properties of an arrangement of antidots ordered according to a tiling of Cairo Tiling and its different transformations (iterations). Several authors have studied pentagonal Cairo tiling applied to Ising models and magnetic quantum systems [16,17,18]. ...

The idea is to have a proximity link that transmits the intended car with real time information on a proximity hazard or a problem with the vehicle such as a break down car blocking the opposite way in a curve ahead for the incoming traffic. Most of us at some time may have tried to alert another driver/s of a real situation but the options are very limited in real life and there is not a system in place to address such a situation.

My proposal is to have four small round lights at the front and at the rear of every vehicle as shown in the pictures. A full red (the four red indicators at front) will ...

The problem is warming up thermosensor when measuring resistance as a result of the allocation of Joule heat.

To control thermosensor (Fig. 1, a) proposed a contact device (Fig. 1b) with elastic gold contacts and measuring pulse duration was 100 ms (Fig. 1, B).

Created stand pulsed measurement provides a measurement of miniature thermosensor with 1% accuracy, which determines the error ADC oscilloscope. During the warm-up control thermosensor was not fixed within 0,1 ° C. Patented method of ...

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