NASA Langley Research Center has developed a process methodology for making red, green and blue LED device structures on the same substrate (wafer), which is not possible today using current techniques. Such devices are manufactured individually because of different crystal structures. This innovation is enabled by the prior innovations by NASA Langley Research Center.

• Ability to process red, green and blue LED devices on the same Substrate
• LED display and lighting is a significant market opportunity.

• LED displays
• LED televisions

This technology is an integrated hybrid crystal LED display device that can emit red, green, and blue colors on one single wafer. Todays LEDs are built with many compound ...

Several incidents of rape, molestation, robbery, and physical assault have put women in India in an insecure position. The human trafficking has made both women and children feel bad against their country. Our project will overcome these crimes to the maximum extent and contribute a part for crime free India. The developed system makes use of an embedded system which is comprised of an open hardware Micro controller and a GSM modem based on Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) technology.

India, a nation of 130+ billion population, faces many problems regarding safety of women. Even today in many places, the safety of women is not assured at any point of time. The crimes against women are increasing day by ...

->Literature Survey: - Speed thrills but it also kills! Over speeding is the main cause when it comes to road accidents in the city. Statistics available with the traffic police shows that of 1,531 road accidents that took place last year, 413 accidents were caused due to over speeding. This means nearly 27% of total accidents have taken place due to over speeding.

So, we have designed a working prototype that control the speed of the vehicles by different ways in ‘three real life scenario’. This avoid accidents due to over speed. We can also fixed the speed of vehicles at restricted areas in city (viz. school zone, hospital zone) with certain speed limits mentioned on the roads.Here ...

Objective :
1.Set up an automated system to empty the garbage bin when it is full. 2.Set up a control room near the residential area/public places which will coordinate in the proper operation of the solid waste treatment plant. 3.Treat the solid waste before taking it to the main disposal plant.

Abstract :

Project Introduction
In the present day scenario, we come across the garbage bins or Dustbin which are placed at public places in the cities and can be seen overflowing due to increase in the waste every day. It makes the surrounding unhygienic for the people and spreads bad odour around the surroundings. This can lead to spreading of various deadly diseases & cause human illness. ...

Recently it is being realized that bus shelters can be much more than just sitting areas used while waiting for the bus. New technologies are being used to transform ordinary bus shelters into smart bus shelters, creating new business models and becoming one of the key elements in smart cities. This project proposes a novel method that integrates IoT in bus shelters, enhancing the way information is displayed to the public through display screens. The information in focus involves digital signage advertising, public announcements or other information concerning the happenings nearby.

The key problems related to bus shelters in India are:
1.. Surprise ticket inspections.
2.. You’re prone to losing things on the bus due to a sheer crowd on the ...

This project is related to the Voice Controlled Wheelchair System by using speech recognition module. The system is designed to control a wheelchair using the voice of consumer. The objective of this project is to facilitate the movement of people who are disabled or handicapped and elderly people who are not able to move well. The result of this design will allow certain people to live a life with less dependence on others. Speech recognition technology is a key which may provide a new way of human interaction with machines or tools. Thus the problem that they are faced can be solved by using speech recognition technology to move the wheelchair. This can be realized with used the microphone ...

Almost 30% of 40 million older people in America live alone, about 12 million people. Studies have shown that many older people that live alone wish to continue to be independent for as long as possible. (Kaplan et al, “Older People Living Alone”, 2016).

The Caregiver Assistant is a system to consist of an IoT-enabled network of sensors and interactive devices to aid in simple and remote monitoring of activity levels of individuals, living by themselves, that may be at risk due to age or illness.

The design was inspired by a personal event, echoed by a number of individuals. An elderly parent, living by themselves, had fallen and was unable to respond, not to be discovered for many ...

IoTNet is a multi-city muniwireless network that runs on the new 900 Mhz LoRaWAN network. It is based on TheThingsNetwork.org model and the free LoRa packet forwarder software available from our site. Unlike the TTN though, it has an Internet backend and QoS delivery with a guaranteed service level.

This summer we are building out the network to include the cities of Boston (MA), Providence (RI) and Portland (ME) as well as coastal cities in between depending upon resources. All materials for building your own IoT network can be had at our website and technical help will also come in the form of HOWTOs and Instructables. We will use this as an infrastructure element of the SmartCity network ...

This product provides an added volume boost to iPhones and computer.

Ultimately, we'd like to create an audio booster accessory that plugs directly into an iPhone. You would then be able to plug your headphones into this accessory so you can listen to your music at louder levels. We'd like to have it so you can control the volume/bass/treble levels through a mobile app. but wireless. It would also be similar to this product, but also wireless.

There needs to be a Power button, Vol+ button, Vol- button, and either a battery indicator or battery light and touch screen. The future of this design is going add 3D ...

Keep out of reach of children, almost every cupboard contains something that states this warning on the label. Whether it is for the child's safety of the sanity of the parent; medication, paint, blenders plastic bags or a vast array of other things need to be kept safe from children while still readily accessible to adults.

While a toddler's finger painting on the new Persian rug is, at least in the long run, preferable to salami fingers, both can be prevented by locking the cupboard. Sometimes you forget to lock it and it is frustrating to try find the keys every time you want an aspirin.

KORC utilizes readily available capacitive touch sensors to determine the size of ...

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