At present, use of electronics weighing scale (machine) is increasing rapidly. It is even used at shop of foot path, where electric is not present. Everywhere it is installed, charging of battery of the weighing scale is necessary. Although, electric expense for its battery charging is low,

The city traffic is growing everywhere and also the necessity to control and manage it. The services are evolving to offer more on-demand possibilities, the first smart vehicles are appearing on the streets and also many other new public transportation solutions.

The idea of the project stems from the mission of the team: «Bring Innovation Into Safety Systems». To do this, we have created a start-up. To make it «unique», we have patented the idea at an international level. Today, the patent has been recognized in Europa,

In the large cities of emerging economies, with a typical population exceeding 10 million, a scheme for assured, demand-rated, smart potable pipeline water supply to the individual households is a pressing requirement. The current practice is heavily manual driven,

Smart Safety Jacket is an IOT technology based device used for safety purpose of the employees who work in mining site and construction site. By carrying out research on construction and mining industries the statistical report says that the accident is always a combination of hazards and cause.

This is an android application designed for the android platform. This app stores your data in a secure manner. This app provide two-way authentication to get the data which we hide in this app. The two-way authentication is to access the data in two ways.

We all know how much one has to suffer at the parking lots if we do not get a proper parking space. Each and everyone faces this problem in their lives. My aim is to bring about a solution to this problem.

In rural areas where wireless internet connectivity is not always possible, data collection is done on handheld device, drones, and /or other field machinery (e.g. harvester, drilling machines), then collected and brought to a central location with connectivity to upload the data.

Streaming analytics is both an art and a science of sophistication as it involves software engineering to implement machine learning for predictive analysis. In order to spread the usefulness of good streaming analytics across the backbone of our industrial sector, the mid-sized businesses,

“People need to be smart about how they use their smartphones”

A smartphone presents more advanced computing capabilities, abilities to place and receive voice calls and create and receive text messages, with those of other popular digital mobile devices like personal digital assistants (PDAs), such as an event calendar,

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