The Automated Guided Wheelchair I have proposed allows any wheelchair user to be guided to a desired location on his own, as long as the building itself is adopted to the novel system. Unlike the state of the art,

Brushless Direct Current motor (BLDC) is widely used for Ebike applications. However, even with BLDC motors widely used in electric vehicle, there is still room for improvement in terms of torque density of the machine.

The proposed approach present the development of a computer tool that allows, in the first phase, the modeling of the electric vehicle power chain. This phase is based on a library developed under the Matlab-Simulink simulation environment. This library contains all the components of the power chain;

Gear systems are one of the oldest and most iconic forms of engineering. They have been studied for so long and by such great minds (Archimedes, da Vinci, etc.) that breakthroughs are rare. Mainstream technologies include the Cycloid (circa 1970), Strain Wave (circa 1950),

There are three problems related to food safety and pathogens. The first problem is that 80% of food borne illness and 56% hospitalisations and death in U.S. have occurred due to an unknown pathogen.

The objective was to design, fabricate and investigate the working of Pedal Driven Hacksaw (PDH). PDH is working on Slider Crank Mechanism. The experiment was done using PDH and plywood, hollow and solid cylinders, PVC pipe etc. Work pieces... The hacksaw is connected with the reciprocating rod.

For small scale workshops, it would be costlier to buy & install huge machines which would be suitable for performing singular & precise operations alone. Moreover, in these small scale workshops, job type or batch type of production process is carried out,

The Pulsed DC magnetic engine is circular in design with fixed magnets on the outside of the centre wheel that runs on a bearing. There is an outside housing that holds the pulsed DC magnets one to oppose every fixed magnet,

Nowadays, mobile phones were used by people all around the world. Think a moment while you are out somewhere and your mobile battery is too low. We need to rush to the nearest shop for charging or somewhere else in search of power socket.

Recycling some products becomes somewhat hit and miss because of volumes and large enterprises such as McDonalds make conscious efforts to improve their recycling issues.

This idea is based around that restaurant's colorful packaging and is as applicable to other places with similar disposal issues.

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