This project is developed to enable Online Monitoring of Industrial Equipment allowing the Industrialists to optimize their working process accordingly. Moreover this project is in line with the upcoming concept of IoT i.e. Internet Of Things which focuses to bring every gadget on the planet online. The software used to view data is MonkeyMonitor which allows the user some powerful tools in accordance to the data.

The heart of this project is a Raspberry Pi Model 2 which is an ARMv7 based Linux processor which clocks at 900MHz and has a Quad-Core Broadcom BCM2386 processor and 1GB SDRAM. For Internet Connectivity, a Wi-Fi dongle is connected to one of its USB port. For Communication with Industrial Devices, the Protocol ...

My entry is a Raspberry Pi3/Navio2 flight controller based drone
using ArduPilot, Linux, Mission Planner, and Gstreamer Open Source SW, state of the art HD cameras, and Onboard GPS

All traffic carried over 4G network
High Throughput, unlimited distance,
Low Latency, 5G ready
HD 1080p 30 fps streaming Video to GCS
Uses Gstreamer open source SW
Uses HDMI output from GoPro – bridges HDMI to CSI2
Telemetry signals use MavLink Protocol
Joystick Drone control signals use MavLink Protocol
RF Tx/Rx failover option for optional additional failsafe

On-board Vision Systems
GoPro on a 3 axis gimbal
HD 1080p 30 fps streaming Video to GCS
FPV camera that uses
5.8Ghz transmitter and antenna
to transmit video to ...

I’d like to present to you a concept that’s been cooking in my head for the past few decades. In R. Buckminster Fuller’s “critical path” he presents and illustration of Manhattan island with a huge geodesic dome covering much of the borough.

Bucky pointed to a number of reasons why such mega-structures are desirable. He was also quick to point out, however, the difficulties humanity would have building such structures using then-current construction technology.

Human construction technology remains mired in the past. We continue to build using traditional, waddle-and-daub, tinker-toy construction methodologies – only applying new materials as they’ve become available. Imagine the expense in resources required to build a dome over Manhattan one beam at a time... now ...

• How the entry works?
Our solution revolves around a Server Controlled Car that can be controlled from any part of the world via a simple internet connection. It has an on board camera that transmits live stream to the user over the internet. The entire car can be controlled via simple web browser and a steering wheel controller therefore giving greater realism to the end user. Also users can book time slots to access the server based car. Also multiple such cars can be controlled on a single server using our developed algorithm. We have developed a driver system for our car prototype that communicates with the central controller. The central controller connects with the assigned wifi network within ...

Traditionally, drive elements like gears, pulleys, sprockets and similar devices are affixed to rotating shafts using a variety of different methods. Setscrews or shaft keys are the most preferable; however when intermittent and reversing motion is required in a system, performance will worsen over time.

Numerous fasteners are made with several parts where a series of screws are needed for mounting.

All of these methods will satisfy requirements but they are costly, require time for installation and need trained workers to perform required mounting/tightening force. Many locking devices are bulky and heavy.

New fasteners have been designed to pair precisely with every gear, pulley or any component by reducing cost and improving function.

It is an highly sensitive device for detecting the explosives and its traces. It is a portable device and it can detect the explosives traces for longer range. For protection and security from terrorist attacks, it can be highly preferable to identify the explosives and it's traces even in a huge crowd. Sensors with high range and sensitivity are used to have best performance. Highly optimized for best ...

Our team has been investigating opportunities to get compute cycles when they are cheapest, either through an innovative sensor system that watches clouds, or a clever scraping of PUC utility websites to ramp compute resources up when electricity is inexpensive.

This summer we are testing a system that will allow participants in the trial effort to attach compute resources on-supply and often hands-off (asynchronous, asymmetric, and automatic). If you have a job you want to run, and you are not in any hurry, you will get it for “free” while the sun is shining.

We have a number of subprototypes that we plan on refining over the course of the summer. These contributions include;
Single conductor for power and data
Efficient MPPT tracking ...

This solution is based on this theory that the swinging problems are only created due to flexible wire and if the wire is inflexible then there will be no chance of swinging problem.

Mechanism: As per sketch there will be a plastic tube having diameter of 3 to 5 centimeters and the wires will be attached with this tube permanently. This tube will be closed from one end and second end will be connected with an air pump. A line of electromagnetic coil will be attached on the upper surface of this tube. This electromagnetic coil line will work to hold the rope (tube+wire) in exact position.

When this rope (tube+wire) will be unfolded to lift the weight then ...

An economical robotic book scanner capable of converting books of any size into JPEGs without destroying the binding.

Scanners used now-a-days requires an operator to manually scan each and every page of a book. This seems irritating and is time-taking. Also, digitizing books has been an issue tackled by companies to allow people to read off Kindles and iPads rather than the traditional paperback. Yet, not much effort has been made into the invention of an automatic book scanner for consumers. This project seeks to determine a cost-effective approach to robotic book scanning to create JPEGs from physical books. Our product stands as a solution to eliminate the drawbacks of present day scanners. The design ensures fast and cheap ...

Enviromental and economical issues render the need for highly efficient universal source of mechanical power most urgent. The most efficient way to convert thermal energy to useful work is to fuel inside engine's cylinder, and highly efficient and clean thermodynamic processes for producing hot high pressure gases, like detonation, compression ignited combustion of homogeneous charge and very high-pressure Sabathe cycle, render positive displacement internal combustion engines a very interesting proposition, provided that efficient way for converting thermal energy into useful mechanical power is incorporated. However, extremally high pressure and gradient of pressure generated by these thermodynamic processes render conventional piston engines virtually useless due to their relatively weak structure. Thus there is a need for extremally robust and compact ...

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