This project is developed to enable Online Monitoring of Industrial Equipment allowing the Industrialists to optimize their working process accordingly. Moreover this project is in line with the upcoming concept of IoT i.e. Internet Of Things which focuses to bring every gadget on the planet online.

My entry is a Raspberry Pi3/Navio2 flight controller based drone
using ArduPilot, Linux, Mission Planner, and Gstreamer Open Source SW, state of the art HD cameras, and Onboard GPS

All traffic carried over 4G network
High Throughput, unlimited distance,
Low Latency,

I’d like to present to you a concept that’s been cooking in my head for the past few decades. In R. Buckminster Fuller’s “critical path” he presents and illustration of Manhattan island with a huge geodesic dome covering much of the borough.

•How the entry works?
Our solution revolves around a Server Controlled Car that can be controlled from any part of the world via a simple internet connection. It has an on board camera that transmits live stream to the user over the internet.

Traditionally, drive elements like gears, pulleys, sprockets and similar devices are affixed to rotating shafts using a variety of different methods. Setscrews or shaft keys are the most preferable; however when intermittent and reversing motion is required in a system, performance will worsen over time.

It is an highly sensitive device for detecting the explosives and its traces. It is a portable device and it can detect the explosives traces for longer range. For protection and security from terrorist attacks,

Our team has been investigating opportunities to get compute cycles when they are cheapest, either through an innovative sensor system that watches clouds, or a clever scraping of PUC utility websites to ramp compute resources up when electricity is inexpensive.

This solution is based on this theory that the swinging problems are only created due to flexible wire and if the wire is inflexible then there will be no chance of swinging problem.

An economical robotic book scanner capable of converting books of any size into JPEGs without destroying the binding.

Scanners used now-a-days requires an operator to manually scan each and every page of a book. This seems irritating and is time-taking. Also,

Enviromental and economical issues render the need for highly efficient universal source of mechanical power most urgent. The most efficient way to convert thermal energy to useful work is to fuel inside engine's cylinder, and highly efficient and clean thermodynamic processes for producing hot high pressure gases, like detonation,

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