The problem we are attempting to address through our product, Chroma, is the skilled labor demand in the paint industry in India. By 2020 will have 50 percent of its population in working age group, making it the skill capital of the world.

This machine is designed in such a way that all the three processes:

Roasting of groundnut, Separation of groundnut shells from the groundnut seed, and the oil extraction is done in a single unit without any human interference.

The machine components are:

bowl feeder, crushing rollers, conveyor tray,

A fixture is a device used for holding the workpiece during the machining operation, more versatile to work as specialized machine tool even with the advancement of manufacturing industries. There is a continued use of fixture either in same form or other,

One of the most commonly employed technologies of additive manufacturing is fused deposition modeling (FDM). FDM that employs polymer as the based material has proven to be a powerful method in rapid prototyping. Most of the FDM 3D printer feed stock material is Polylactic Acid (PLA),

Diamond based winding insulation for electrical machines - ABB Motors and Generators

Electrical conductors for electrical machines, such as electromotor or generator, are insulated for avoiding contact between the single coil and other conductive components of the electromotor for example the stator. For instance, the main wall insulation (e.g.

The current invention is an improvement in basic measuring instruments. Like my other disclosure " Optical Illuminated Rule, " it is especially suited to the visually challenged. As with my other design the linear divisions are every 1/16". The uncluttered divisions make it easy to read.

The system design is divided into two sections, Transmitter and Quad Copter Section. Figure shows different blocks in transmitter section and quad copter section and the block connections. Transmitter and Quad Copter communicate with each other using 2.4GHz bandwidth signal in free space. The range of communication is limited.

This project is about the concept of a new engine called variable volume engine. In the variable volume four stroke engines, during the suction stroke there will be one volume and during other three strokes, there will be another volume.

The purpose of this project is to propose a new propeller-type climbing robot for climbing various types of structures which include significant obstacles, besides inspection of industrial vessels made of various materials, including non-ferromagnetic material.

In a conventional Reciprocating Compressor there are a number of moving parts like the crank, connecting rod, belt drive system, and electric motor which contribute in frictional (mechanical) losses resulting in low efficiency. Also it is bulky in size and high maintenance required as it consists of motor,

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