Spillage free conveyor basically used to eliminate the factor of dust particles during conveying of soap via conveyor belts.

power saving
Less friction
breakdown free

Basically, in this conveyor,

Excessive search times is one of the biggest organizational wastes in a diverse set of work environments including a factory shop and a home environment. Over the years sort and standardization techniques like 5S have been developed to define and enforce organization.

A system of, and method for stereoscopic patent imagery filing submission, archiving, searching, and viewing for the U.S.Patent Office, is hereby described, whereby, some of each patent's imagery (drawings, figures, pictures, wireframes, X-rays, MRI's, CAT scans,, movies, graphic image layers, simulations,

Flying Balloon Mars Rover (Robot)
After nearly two years on the surface of Mars, the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity have returned a wealth of valuable information from their wanderings. But the pace of their explorations is painfully slow, covering only a few miles since their mission began.

Synchronous/Switched Reluctance Motor/Generators (SRM) have great potential for many applications which require rugged construction and high reliability at low cost such as wind turbine generators or tractive drive motors. Widespread use of SRM's is limited because of magnetic circuit reluctance patterns that contribute to cogging torque.

The BobbyJack Pipe Lift (US Patent No. 8,596,612) is used in all industries utilizing process pipe supported in pipe racks. Primarily due to the phenomena of Crevice Corrosion at the interface of pipe-to-support beam, virtually all piping systems are at risk.

Tobor Robotics Inc. is building the TIE (Tobor Innovation Experiment) versatile humanoid robot platform. This platform will combine semi-active mechanisms inspired by the human body with AI to bring about the physical skills and autonomy required for functionality. Currently,

It's a robot that does multitasks and it takes place in a restaurant or coffee shop. It opens the door for people, takes their orders, places plates and cups on tables, and helps people carry things.

The objective of the project is to make an assistive limb to assist human beings in some or other activity, eliminating human errors and increasing productivity. The most common activity humans perform, be it a soldier or an industrial worker or a rural woman, 

Wearable Power Modules (WPM) is a modular solution to enhancing human muscle capability with clean engine power while batteries don't have enough energy density for heavy tasks. WPM is designed to collaborate with mobile data services (IoT/M2M) and extend wearable technology for power applications.

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